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Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 760483997503
Дата публикации :  
Просмотры :  
Понравилось :   810
Не понравилось :   40

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Комментарии к видео

absolute trash
Комментарий от : Chad

January Colnick
“Who are you, Doc?” < “Doctor who?” “Doctor what?” “Doctor why?” “WHY GAMORA?”
Комментарий от : January Colnick

Finn Goldberg
Crisis, big crisis, serious crisis, big serious crisis!- Damn they really did time travel to 2020.
Комментарий от : Finn Goldberg

Sebastien H
She is so fake! Where is the real Doctor? Hello !
Комментарий от : Sebastien H

Joel Sav
Which episode was 0:47 in?
Комментарий от : Joel Sav

where the frick are the T.A.R.D.I.S
Комментарий от : 666Phobia666

Dio Brando
I'm not too crazy about the new doctor, but the budget increase is very noticeable
Комментарий от : Dio Brando

Rebeca Milk
what song is this from the video?
Комментарий от : Rebeca Milk

Just seen the cybermen design! Great

loving JW this series, last series you could tell she was just finding her feet with this role but this time round, she’s been so good!
Комментарий от : WhoBruh

Max lopolo
why, why has this disaster been renewed for a third one? Oh, right. Politics. Ethics are out the window.
Комментарий от : Max lopolo

I’m really excited for new cybermen design
Комментарий от : TimeForTeletubbies

Maciej M

Комментарий от : Maciej M

Scotty Bee
Horrible video
Комментарий от : Scotty Bee

dave kkik
the first three episodes of new series are garbage can someone please exterminate the show runner and Jodie whittler
Комментарий от : dave kkik

Kian Harvey
Kudos. At least you were competent enough to put a release date in this year’s release date trailer
Комментарий от : Kian Harvey

Lynette Downes
OMG!  The shorts look amazing.  I cannot wait to watch them all
Комментарий от : Lynette Downes

Karem Chahin
Can we get a man as a doctor please
I hate this women doc

Комментарий от : Karem Chahin

Комментарий от : BubbleCube

Commentur The Great
Next time you watch the series, just remember that every time several people enter or exit the TARDIS, they actually had to cram in a small box on set.
Комментарий от : Commentur The Great

Ian MacQuarrie
I knew it. Sacha Dhawan is not in the 'Spyfall' shots here. Either different takes or digitally blanked out... 😲
Комментарий от : Ian MacQuarrie

Reverse the polarity of the Neutron flow
0:07 the masters tardis
Комментарий от : Reverse the polarity of the Neutron flow

Richard Johnson
sorry I don't want my intelligence insulted by dr who so good day
Комментарий от : Richard Johnson

Florentin Deltell
0:42 Wait a minute. That ship is a TARDIS !? It's the same sound!
Комментарий от : Florentin Deltell

Arju Jannaka
They deleted the Master in the trailer YOU CLEVER MARKETING TEAM. I didn’t even know Sacha Dhawan would be in it
Комментарий от : Arju Jannaka

Craig Williams
I watched this episode today and what a load of crap....
Комментарий от : Craig Williams

There is so much love in these ones, between the main characters. It's beautiful
Комментарий от : Suppystar

So.... New Year’s Day???
Комментарий от : Glossy

Imagine if they had this type of budget in david Tennant's time would of been awesome
Комментарий от : WilThereBMusic

Rich tea McFlurry
Also bring back river song she was so good
Комментарий от : Rich tea McFlurry

Rich tea McFlurry
Doctor who I have a suggestion you know when the doctor had a daughter during the episode with the Hafth and the humans why don’t you do a episode when they accidentally meet both trying to save a planet
Комментарий от : Rich tea McFlurry

Ropsana Khanom
Looks better but what is it with the pop songs
Комментарий от : Ropsana Khanom

Man, I don't know If i like those pop songs on Doctor Who. Breaks all the fantasy for me.
Комментарий от : Jabba

Can’t wait for this tomorrow
Комментарий от : Maher AHMED

"Something's coming for me"

Now, Jodie, I told you to stay away from rule 34.

Комментарий от : Gfreak250

Some Random
wow thirteen can tell me to subscribe and i do
thirteen could tell me just about anything and i'd do it apparently

Комментарий от : Some Random

Jason Vaughan
Tis almost time.
Комментарий от : Jason Vaughan

Паша Гуняша
бабищу нафига заснули?
Комментарий от : Паша Гуняша

Oh god please stop with the pop music trailers they really don't fit the show and make it look like it's cringily trying to be something it's not... Or maybe they do fit this as-far mediocre new era of who (not going to bash the new series before i've seen it, it looks cool but that's no real reassurance with the same guy in charge), maybe I'm just a dinosaur hanging on to bygones of what I thought this show was.

Fingers crossed Chibnall ups his game to a point where the dead hype level doesn't make only finales feel as exciting as regular old episodes, and doesn't waste most of his talented cast (especially Jodie) on competently executing rote soap operas while giving a completely denatured doctor absolutely nothing to chew on in terms of personal conflict...

Комментарий от : Nintendalek42

Rocio cumplido gonzalez
Pop music... Again... Haven't we learned yet?
Комментарий от : Rocio cumplido gonzalez

RJ McAllister
The Doctor vs. Boris Johnson. Big, huge, massive crisis.
Комментарий от : RJ McAllister

James Fraser
It’s so weird being excited for doctor who again. Literally the first time since 2015.
Комментарий от : James Fraser

George Mihail Vasile
Ruined my favorite show. Thank you Jodie
Комментарий от : George Mihail Vasile

Brett Wilson
Isn't it a little...um...the female doctor asking, "fancy getting in the box"? Or is it just THAT'S where my mind goes.
Комментарий от : Brett Wilson

Buess Carol
WHICH Channel is Doctor Who airing on January 1st? I can’t find it in my programm list. 😕
Комментарий от : Buess Carol

It seems that ABC Australia has given up on Doctor Who as they're not showing the New Years episode on new years day.
Комментарий от : TMR

QuantumBlur but stronger
Yo, why the audio at the beginning of this video got vocoder bands? It's crunchy, I like it, just curious.
Комментарий от : QuantumBlur but stronger

"Fancy a trip in the box?" Mmmm.
Комментарий от : davidjgomm

Just Heather
oh great the cybermen are back. I'm assuming that's a part of the "something coming for me" plot.
Комментарий от : Just Heather

Tj Green
Комментарий от : Tj Green

happyslothlove !
Комментарий от : happyslothlove !

Justin P
Find a replacement for Chibnall please. He can't hack it, and I'd really rather not watch my favorite show die......again. You bled out 36% of the audience last year.
Комментарий от : Justin P

Shoshana Ferguson
I hope there some time war angst in there, also I hope we spend more time individually with each person
Комментарий от : Shoshana Ferguson

dane giddings
wich actor is at playing the master on the floor
Комментарий от : dane giddings

Mike Lachey
I love Jodie. Was so excited the second I heard they grabbed her up to play the new Doctor. She is really crushing it
Комментарий от : Mike Lachey

Hashirama Stark
The only thing i want to say is: I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT DOCTOR!
Комментарий от : Hashirama Stark

leon sonny
New Year's Day

Комментарий от : leon sonny

Muriel Mateo
am i the only one who wished that in the trailer the doctor would be talking to a blonde girl and the blonde girl would be rose tylor.
Комментарий от : Muriel Mateo

erikson cruz
is that claras motorbikeeeee
Комментарий от : erikson cruz

Camille Annae
"Something is coming for me".. yeah, the bad acting police. I need her to regenerate lol.
Комментарий от : Camille Annae

Emlyn Davis
Wow I can't believe the cybermen are back in business
Комментарий от : Emlyn Davis

kdyf ky
The first EP was great!
Комментарий от : kdyf ky

David J Freeman
This is no crisis unless the multiverse is under threat. The timing...
Комментарий от : David J Freeman

Educational children show or action movie?
Комментарий от : Flamin'Cat

Jaden Ewan
I’m glad they skipped a NY special and just started the series on Jan 1, because I wouldn’t want a NY special then have to wait until March or even April for the season to debut
Комментарий от : Jaden Ewan

yes but can it run
big crisis
serious crisis
big serious crisis

Комментарий от : AGamingChannel

Stephen Clementson
At what time does the TARDIS arrive at my TV? www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tjHlFPTwVk
Комментарий от : Stephen Clementson

billythe 11thdimensionalhobo
Malcom-X, Tesla and Cybermen... I believe it was Bubsy who said it best,

"What could possibly go rung?"

Комментарий от : billythe 11thdimensionalhobo

Fellow Citizen
I guess there are too many comments for this to be read, but should any writers or producers see this, please try this test: Repeat aloud any dialogue imagining if Tom Baker, or another Classic Doctor, were reading it; does it ring true? Would Tom Baker say "That sounds French?" etc? It's not that the dialogue and character have to match, but they should not fall so far off axis.
Комментарий от : Fellow Citizen

So can someone please give me definitive answers to these two questions; is there going to be a 2019 Christmas special or not? And when the h*** is the first episode of season 12 scheduled to air? I've seen all sorts of dates flying around online. I'm in Hawaii which is 9 hours behind the UK so it's probably going to be on at a weird time here and I don't want to miss it, or miss recording it. Mahalo!
Комментарий от : regrebollib1

Crisis, wait the doctor who is in the arrow multiverses. Oh we really need the doctor for this one.
Комментарий от : Djarms67

I cant be the only one that almost nerdgasmed seeing tesla in dr who
Комментарий от : gamesfreak

This is how much time she say Crisis

Комментарий от : LightningPat

Walakilma Tiger
I wish they would bring a new doctor that's man back she's rubbish
Комментарий от : Walakilma Tiger

Elise Preedy
Комментарий от : Elise Preedy

Sheetal Chopra
Комментарий от : Sheetal Chopra

Cameron Caws
Is this what hope feels like. Then again Series 7, 8 and 10 all had incredible trailers This one is just passable. God how has this show fallen so far that this gives me hope.
Комментарий от : Cameron Caws

koydukları müziğe bak...rezilik amk
Комментарий от : tümer

Zehra Aygün
Old music
And now
IDK (ಠ_ಠ)━☆゚.*・。゚

Комментарий от : Zehra Aygün

Our Philosophy Is
BBC, you guys really need to chill with these strobing light effects. This is a show intended for a family audience, including children, and having all those effects repeatedly is dangerous and irresponsible given that a lot of children are sensitive to that type of stimuli.
Комментарий от : Our Philosophy Is

Faysal Mursal
Here are the characters I hope we see

1) the daleks
2) the cybermen
3) the zygons
4) the weeping angels

Комментарий от : Faysal Mursal

Lord Marvin
please please PLEASE keep the politics out of it
Комментарий от : Lord Marvin

John Smith
Can we all just agree it's too soon to re-introduce the Master/Mistress already? I mean, it took Moffat an entire regeneration before he could re-introduce him during Capaldi's era.
Комментарий от : John Smith

0:49 was that just me or did that look like the demgorgan from stranger things?
Комментарий от : Maisyyy

Gonk Droid
When the doctor fought the anti-monitor centuries ago and crisis on infinite earths is coming...

A really big crisis

Комментарий от : Gonk Droid

The COOL Bro Conor
The song in the trailer is called A good day to save the world
Комментарий от : The COOL Bro Conor

The scene that Doctor and Ryan, Yaz and Graham get out of tardis with those cool suits it makes me really happy and excited.
Комментарий от : FBI

Leonardo Beluzzo
What's the name of the song that was used?
Комментарий от : Leonardo Beluzzo

Xtan60 LP
Name song?
Комментарий от : Xtan60 LP

calli soup
Okay but like bring back the orchestra?
Комментарий от : calli soup

Douglas Arthur
‘People can save planets or wreck them’ ??? Wrecking a beloved franchise not enough any more cause this one is way beyond saving.
Комментарий от : Douglas Arthur

Did I....Did I just see George Orwell? :O
Комментарий от : ClarkeMarek

This looks better than the last season. Glad they are bringing back some older characters. Now all they gotta do is write some better scripts and get rid of one of the companions. There are too many.
Комментарий от : colby

Alan Miell
She got that right the crisis is her playing the Doctor, never watch it again, last series could only watch five episodes first Five, Stopped Watching after being a life long fan since early Sixties with William Hartnell, a women cannot play the Doctor, It’s writing political correctness messages and story,s are just Awful, it’s that bad
Комментарий от : Alan Miell

What’s the songs name?
Комментарий от : Vorolix

Style Cat
I think someone spiked the regeneration energy back on Trenzalore
Комментарий от : Style Cat

Alfie Thomas
0:07 is that a TARDIS console?
Комментарий от : Alfie Thomas

Mighty Bongo8629
I hope we get k-9 back
Комментарий от : Mighty Bongo8629

Jane Joestar
I miss the Moffat era
Комментарий от : Jane Joestar

Lewis Philip Hirose
I truly miss the magic of Gold instead of this new thing for the youngsters but I can't stop loving Doctor Who.
Комментарий от : Lewis Philip Hirose

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