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Christian Pulisic vs Trinidad and Tobago

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Информация о видео Christian Pulisic vs Trinidad and Tobago

Название :  Christian Pulisic vs Trinidad and Tobago
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 966000418289
Дата публикации :   20200710
Просмотры :   g({'EVENT_ID':
Понравилось :   1,218
Не понравилось :   31

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Комментарии к видео Christian Pulisic vs Trinidad and Tobago

mind waves
feel sorry for him for being surrounded by sub par players in the national team.
Комментарий от : mind waves

Paweł Robert
Trinidad and Tobago... Leo Beenhakker.
Комментарий от : Paweł Robert

Jamael G
Guys subscribe to this channel and give this guy some love
Комментарий от : Jamael G

lob sang
Promising talent. Pulisic will star in Chelsea soon. Talent and Work rate won't be a question, so he will shine definitely. Sure needs to bulk up a bit in EPL and polish his finishing .
Комментарий от : lob sang

I want to introduce Vietnam music Vpop
Комментарий от : I want to introduce Vietnam music Vpop

Stephen 10
Can't wait to see him up front with Pedro and Willian!!
Комментарий от : Stephen 10

dk 21
can't wait to see captain america in a chelsea jersey
Комментарий от : dk 21

benjamin onuoha
Anyone still have doubts?
Комментарий от : benjamin onuoha

Rodger Murphy
I love how he has turned the oponion of most Chelsea fans from negative to positive in the last few months. Right as he is about to join them. This kid is loaded with talent and has the best outlook possible as far as helping his team win any way he can
Комментарий от : Rodger Murphy

Danii Smith
both feet...great speed..lovely..lets get a good 2019/2020 season
Комментарий от : Danii Smith

Clifford Agyekum
Chelsea fan here! Love what I’m seeing from the lad!!
Комментарий от : Clifford Agyekum

The infamous John Cheech
Riding ur boy
But u turned on him last year

Комментарий от : The infamous John Cheech

Sal •
Комментарий от : Sal •

Pray D
I’m a fan BVB09 because of him. He’s a wonderkids but he so underrated. I think he can definitely replace Harzard. #FromArsenalfan
Комментарий от : Pray D

pawan lakshmi
Chelsea has done a real good piece of business in getting pulisic...he’s definitely gonna offset some of the lost creative spark with the sale of hazard.....LFC Fan here.
Комментарий от : pawan lakshmi

Ayden Siebert
Soooo excited for kc match check out my vlog it will be published tonight
Комментарий от : Ayden Siebert

Ju Mor
He should get #10 at Chelsea . CHO is already #20 It will be stupid if CHO goes from #20 to #10 when all his fans have bought shirts like crazy with the #20.
Комментарий от : Ju Mor

Prosper Noah
Damnnnn....this guy plays exactly like Hazard...

The run, power, penetration in defenders etc...

Can't wait to have our next hazard in Stamford bridge.

I love his energy

Комментарий от : Prosper Noah

Idk about Pulisic. He most definitely can't fill hazards shoes.
Комментарий от : 5D

Chresna Aditya
Wow, robben style dribbling. I miss robben in chelsea shirt
Комментарий от : Chresna Aditya

ศาศวัต สายสมบัติ
Комментарий от : ศาศวัต สายสมบัติ

Ed Brown
Can’t wait to see him play with Chelsea
Комментарий от : Ed Brown

Cease Fire
I know it’s just Trinidad and Tobago, but that was a Hazard like performance. Strong, skilled, unselfish, and composed. Welcome to Chelsea Christian
Комментарий от : Cease Fire

Rodger Murphy
Deep lying playmaker of my heart
Комментарий от : Rodger Murphy

Комментарий от : fatmanstan

He ain’t no hazard
Комментарий от : Jim_d

Reimsky Toussaint
Комментарий от : Reimsky Toussaint

Fleet Fox
He's my captain from this day until his last day.
Комментарий от : Fleet Fox

jeilani YOUNGY
As a blues fan am dissapiointed
Fuvking overrated lad
Mff we will miss u hazard

Комментарий от : jeilani YOUNGY

Lewis Scorer
think he’ll be good for us, only problem is people will have overly high expectations of him because of Hazard leaving.
Комментарий от : Lewis Scorer

Chris APU
Комментарий от : Chris APU

Da Phetdala
This dude is the best player in US history... by far the GOAT

This dude is the only reason the coach still has his job...

Комментарий от : Da Phetdala

Cedric Urselita
If Hazard stayed at Chelsea the duo of Pulisic and Hazard would've been deadly...with a good young striker such as (Lukaku, Rebic, Dembele or Kean) they would really dominated in CL and Premier League
Комментарий от : Cedric Urselita

spanelli 17
guys check out my son's penalty in the cup final you may also like his other videos he could do with your support he's only 11

Комментарий от : spanelli 17

The work rate, the ball control, the acceleration, the composure... absolutely incredible! He's going to be huge for us next season💙
#WelcometoChelsea 🔵

Комментарий от : Ishaan

Beautifull nutmeg on 88 minute, I will add it to football skills website www.artyfooty.com
Комментарий от : mehranrm7

2:08 Oh Filth lol
Комментарий от : RCPGivens

p3rp13x x
What? People are saying hes good to replace hazard,???? Hes nowhere near any level hazard had ever. Club bought him to get some american fans. Truth is chelsea have no ambition anymore. Not the club i know. Dont get me wrong i like pulisic but the chelsea players are beyond poor atm. Not chelsea quality. Older fans remamber the caliber of players we used to get. Just wait and see next season without hazard. Hate the board and marina even abramovich can f off. Sell the club to someone who still wants to invest to compete with the best.
Комментарий от : p3rp13x x

Danny Kirschner
Lads, it's Trinidad...
Комментарий от : Danny Kirschner

GuleD Haji DeyR
Great perfomance pulisic
Surely New Hazard✌

Комментарий от : GuleD Haji DeyR

Jay C
Just give him time Chelsea fans. Don’t compare him to anyone, just support him and the club 👍
Комментарий от : Jay C

I dislike how they pronounce his name. Its either (Pool-iss-ich) or (Pool-iss-ick) not (Pu-li-sic)
Комментарий от : Brock

similar to hazard in his plays
Комментарий от : MIDDLE east

Dimas Wijaya
Good news for Chelsea😊
Комментарий от : Dimas Wijaya

If Pulisic had his own song www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwHqi-qOCZg
Комментарий от : Senaleb

he is only 20, imagine next 2 years..oh my..
Комментарий от : JILord

Rayn Anwar
i cant wait for him to grow up and see what a star hell be
Комментарий от : Rayn Anwar

Watzap 123
Looking forward to see this kind of desire and performance in Chelsea shirt. C’mon Pulisic we will support you all the way
Комментарий от : Watzap 123

He reminds me of hazard with his speed and movement, he just needs pace.
Комментарий от : xX90sWereTheDaysxX

Sununu Bah
I believe he can replace Hazard at Chelsea. Come on Pulisic.
Комментарий от : Sununu Bah

2 more years he will equal hazard
Комментарий от : Arorua

Love it but why do announcers insist on mispronouncing his name. Its Croatian...has hard C at the end!
Комментарий от : F M

Allan Jbara
Please be amazing at CHESLEA
Комментарий от : Allan Jbara

Rodger Murphy
Chelsea need to sign Brazilian guy hulk so they can have the Cpt America Hulk combo
Комментарий от : Rodger Murphy

Yuvraj Singh
All pulisic has to do is work a bit more on finishing and free kicks and in 2-3 years he will be top 5 best players in world. Luv from America
Комментарий от : Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh
I was watching live and was so happy
Комментарий от : Yuvraj Singh

jack watkins
you can tell he's got that level of urgency that comes with European football
Комментарий от : jack watkins

He would be a perfect replacement for perisic at croatia. Same first letter, same style as perisic.
Комментарий от : TheIzzidor

Neil Dickson
hazard is a distant memory after this vid lol hope he can bring this shit to the prem
Комментарий от : Neil Dickson

But could you do it to Qualify for a World Cup vs this same team🔍🔍🔍🔍
Комментарий от : Spanish

Dwaipayan Debnath
Hudson Odoi and Pulisic.
Omg we now have two potential future hazards

Комментарий от : Dwaipayan Debnath

Derick Opoku
Pulisic plays with a big heart reminds me of Chelsea legends. Make Chelsea Great again.
Комментарий от : Derick Opoku

Rodger Murphy
CP10 was like "NOT ON MY WATCH "
Комментарий от : Rodger Murphy

Pulisic took the loss to T&T personally. He torched them last night. If more U.S. prospects take the chance to develop in europe then the future is looking bright for us.
Комментарий от : fallenphoenix

enigmatic edd93
He plays alot like messi
Комментарий от : enigmatic edd93

Footie Quiz
Test your premier league knowledge on my quiz I created, cheers guys
Комментарий от : Footie Quiz

Louie Nelson
Pulisic will be great for Chelsea
Комментарий от : Louie Nelson

Arn Martin
I just know his going to bang
J Cole
Hazard and Willian
Pulisic and CHO we are blessed at Chelsea

Комментарий от : Arn Martin

omar t
Please chelsea fans back him up pleeease dont turn on him give him time same thing for lamps this season will be most likely a shit season but give the lads the support and wait for the progress 💙
Комментарий от : omar t

Kumar Kartikeya
him and Callum on the wings next season🔥
Комментарий от : Kumar Kartikeya

Total Mx
Pulisic playing like a true number 10 he could use a better number 9 1:52
Комментарий от : Total Mx

Gaming Maximus
I am from Trinidad but I actually support the USA because I am a Chelsea fc fan and because of Pulicic
Комментарий от : Gaming Maximus

Dino Dino
Hes like a Landon Donovan.. now if we find a Brian Mcbride we may be cooking with hot water.
Комментарий от : Dino Dino

Warot K
2 assists+1 goal +1 nutmeg = Captain America💙
Комментарий от : Warot K

Joseph Barker
Welcome to Chelsea young man. Let's hope you flourish into the world class player that you can be.✌️
Комментарий от : Joseph Barker

Joe dirt
Комментарий от : Joe dirt

Huzaifa Patel
Str8 edge
Комментарий от : Huzaifa Patel

Yurhomi 12
I can’t wait till he starts playing for us man
Комментарий от : Yurhomi 12

Hazard will not be missed 👍😊
Комментарий от : J D

Honestly watching this video makes me so happy. This man is truly talented. He can cross. Something we seemed to miss from hazard. He weights his passes so nicely. He can dribble. Maybe not as flawlessly as hazard but it’s good enough and can easily improve. He’s also fast. Faster than hazard imo. If he can improve his goal scoring ability. He will be world class in a couple years time keeping in mind he’s only 20 atm.
Комментарий от : Nxtorious11

SmithN' Wesson
I hope Chelsea fans start to see that Pulisic has lots of potential. He is only 20 and could become truly special learning from the best players in Chelsea.
Комментарий от : SmithN' Wesson

american tottenham fan here: disgusted that he's at chelsea but I want him to succeed massively. gotta get the youths away from murderbal- I meant the NFL
Комментарий от : Maikeru

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Комментарий от : SMART NETWORK

Its just Trinidad, don't get hyped......
Комментарий от : fallendogking

Jean Carlos Olmo Negron
On Fire!!
Комментарий от : Jean Carlos Olmo Negron

Ashish Kapoor
2:10 "awwwww FILTH"
Комментарий от : Ashish Kapoor

Astro 254
It feels like Hazard is still at home❤
Комментарий от : Astro 254

Philip koroma
2:9 classic..........
Комментарий от : Philip koroma

Nyl Nyl
Your editing is too fast. You keep cutting off the end of the build up
Комментарий от : Nyl Nyl

Chigzi Ohahuna
Filthy filthy filthy 🙆🏾‍♂️
Комментарий от : Chigzi Ohahuna

topek torres9
99% viewers of this video are chelsea fans.
Комментарий от : topek torres9

Amore Paix
New Chelsea Player
Комментарий от : Amore Paix

Abdur rahman
Never a hazard never
Комментарий от : Abdur rahman

rgn ngaleh
chelseas future is bright...leader at 21... 🙌
Комментарий от : rgn ngaleh

Amazing Vipul
A star in the making
Комментарий от : Amazing Vipul

Kind of reminded me of hazard performance vs hungary
Комментарий от : NI5HU A.

He runs like a young Cristiano and dribbles like hazard. Huge potential. Just needs to develop more muscle and tighten up his finishing.
Комментарий от : NI5HU A.

Lalak Unyuk
02:08 🔥😍
Комментарий от : Lalak Unyuk

Samuel JD
Looks like a younger pedro. Not the next hazard but then he is one in million anyway so just grateful he graced our club for such a long time
Комментарий от : Samuel JD

Chelsea Genahsyde
Hope us Chelsea fan understand he won't play like this every game and that he's not hazard so we should not give him a hard time if he have a few bad games
Комментарий от : Chelsea Genahsyde

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