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Luxury Shopping At Heathrow ✈️ Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, LV, Dior- Save Up To 20% off Designer Brands

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Информация о видео Luxury Shopping At Heathrow ✈️ Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, LV, Dior- Save Up To 20% off Designer Brands

Название :  Luxury Shopping At Heathrow ✈️ Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, LV, Dior- Save Up To 20% off Designer Brands
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 895933839974
Дата публикации :   20200701
Просмотры :   g({'EVENT_ID':
Понравилось :   552
Не понравилось :   56

Кадры из видео Luxury Shopping At Heathrow ✈️ Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, LV, Dior- Save Up To 20% off Designer Brands

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Комментарии к видео Luxury Shopping At Heathrow ✈️ Chanel, Rolex, Cartier, LV, Dior- Save Up To 20% off Designer Brands

Michelle Mclaughlin
Love this one , I know I’m late watching this video as it was posted back in February but this. Coat is a yes not Chanel
Комментарий от : Michelle Mclaughlin

Kate Romero
I actually liked the channel coat and their pieces 🙃
Комментарий от : Kate Romero

Ridhima Chopra
Lv coat
Комментарий от : Ridhima Chopra

xavier Nelson
get the lv coat
Комментарий от : xavier Nelson

Shairie CKS
get both 😍😍
Комментарий от : Shairie CKS

Waliah Lampo
I hope I have too LV bag😔 I feel so happy while I’m watching this vlogs❤️👍👍👍
Комментарий от : Waliah Lampo

soravit choochuen
Dior shoes and bags look very good on you.
Комментарий от : soravit choochuen

Nomaswazi Tshabalala
You have such wonderful taste! Really enjoyed this vlog
Комментарий от : Nomaswazi Tshabalala

S Tomlinson
You realize that coat costs about maybe fifty bucks to make! Highway robbery...
Комментарий от : S Tomlinson

Joel Rodriguez
Nice Louis Vuitton outfit
Комментарий от : Joel Rodriguez

ioli io
xaxaxaxaxa you have money for lv and chanel etc ...but you travel at economy xaxaxaxa ....all is a lieee!!!!!
Комментарий от : ioli io

Mommy Sheyl D.I.Y
the chanel waste of money
even if I'm a billionaire I'm not buying it lol.
LV coat so beautiful

Комментарий от : Mommy Sheyl D.I.Y

How do you pay for all of this ? What’s career field do you work in ?
Комментарий от : ceecee

Sadie Plans
love the LV coat and boots!
Комментарий от : Sadie Plans

Russ West0
Hi maria, hopefully your next vlog is your closet. im your fan from philippines 💕
Комментарий от : Russ West0

Комментарий от : ゆっけ。

lsnsww K
Go for the chanel jacket
Комментарий от : lsnsww K

Eleanor Neale
Love your channel during lockdown! What is your job? You have so much money lol love the LV coat
Комментарий от : Eleanor Neale

Sandy Murphy
If you have to look at the price you can't afford it
Комментарий от : Sandy Murphy

colette batman
STOP ✋ that LV coat is soooo much more flattering and beautiful than the channel leather coat....just wow
Комментарий от : colette batman

The fuck?
Those LV boots are peng
Комментарий от : The fuck?

Eagle eye
hi dear please give me your mail I'd please dear shamju08@yahoo.com
Комментарий от : Eagle eye

Beti Mustafova
Bilgarka li si ☺
Комментарий от : Beti Mustafova

Teo Ai Chen
Love ur video, may I know what is the model of black Chanel shoes u tried ? 🙏
Комментарий от : Teo Ai Chen

Adriana Adri
Which Airport was that
Комментарий от : Adriana Adri

Nesreen AlMahdawi
Yasss loved this vlog 😍😍😍
Комментарий от : Nesreen AlMahdawi

Stacy Newton
Girl CC.is for great grandma.all they clothes and ect.are ugly tgen they want to charge so much haha
Комментарий от : Stacy Newton

Samsul Alam Sumon
Maria Thank you so much..
But please can u tell ne which place is this that you're visit???
& Definitely the LV coat👌👌💣💖💖

Комментарий от : Samsul Alam Sumon

Khadija Taouil
the LV coat
Комментарий от : Khadija Taouil

Dorien Waterschoot
The DIOR boots and sunglasses looked absolutely gorgeous on you!
Комментарий от : Dorien Waterschoot

Alina Kov
12:24 those sunglasses were amazinggg! they looked so good on you
Комментарий от : Alina Kov

Omg that clear LV bag!! I will buy that one day lol.
Комментарий от : t

omg i loved the pink Chanel cropped jacket! the last one was my favorite.
Комментарий от : yadi_xoxo

wilona gozali
Her: luxury shopping

Me: Walmart shopping
I love ur videos! Keep making more good videos girl! <3

Комментарий от : wilona gozali

Nina Nina
Комментарий от : Nina Nina

Lydia Escudero
Комментарий от : Lydia Escudero

Janine Irish
Like chanel blazer buy that one it be good choice
Комментарий от : Janine Irish

Monica Fernandez
Found you and now I’m obsessed 😍
Комментарий от : Monica Fernandez

Hyung Su Bang
Do not touch your hair too much!!!!
You are trying a jacket not your hair!

Комментарий от : Hyung Su Bang

April Bitar
I love your makeup
Комментарий от : April Bitar

Kutil Tangki
Maria , im as your viewers please lemme / let us know the price of those beautiful luxury hand bags , thank you
Комментарий от : Kutil Tangki

Sheila Carlisle
LV coat!
Комментарий от : Sheila Carlisle

So I have a question🤔 I am a European citizen..let’s assume I am going from Heathrow to USA which price am I paying? Because she said at 5:35 about where you are going to fly..🧐🤔
Комментарий от : Antonella9713

Lilla Violett
What eyebrow product are you using? They look amazing 😍
Комментарий от : Lilla Violett

I had the feeling doing my shopping with you, thank you for that moment ! ❤️
Комментарий от : Marion

are you rich lol how can u afford this?
Комментарий от : ・ヘワーディンマックス

Botanic Heaven Garden
Комментарий от : Botanic Heaven Garden

Unicorn Videos
I’m in love with your luv hoop earrings
Комментарий от : Unicorn Videos

All those labels and you still fly coach 😂😔
Комментарий от : mrsjch3

Girlll are you for real... Hoped you aint that dumb to realised that elastic thing is for the buttons... Seriouslyyy.. 🙄
Комментарий от : LotusDragon

Sarah Tokir
Your such a dumbo I'm not gonna say why you have to realise why yourself
Комментарий от : Sarah Tokir

Gianna Demerski
okay im sorry elastic on the pink chanel jacket was meant to be how you secure the botton to the jacket.... thats what you put the button through to hold the jacket together. It was there for a reason! please dont even think to cut the elastic off. it would make the whole jacket tear. It was not a "shame". it was part of the need to keep warmth in the jacket..,.... just reference for the future😃
Комментарий от : Gianna Demerski

Infamous NikkiCole
I love your energy. Subscribed!
Комментарий от : Infamous NikkiCole

Definitely the blue Chanel cardigan-blazer 🥰 and the Cartier Panther 🥰🥰
Комментарий от : belinajewel

Playing Doll Productions
Комментарий от : Playing Doll Productions

Carlos’ luxury Watch and product reviews
Hello Maria, those are dope ass LV earrings and your cartier nail ring is fire, magnifico👌damn girl you just fly all the way around fashionista👏damn i love your style💞even in the louis vuitton shoes wow💯
Комментарий от : Carlos’ luxury Watch and product reviews

Michelle VDG
4:04 ... this is so adorable
I didn’t know it existed

Комментарий от : Michelle VDG

Manolis Reip
The pink Chanel is supposed to be worn closed that s why they put these
Комментарий от : Manolis Reip

Elliott Ford
my mum has the louis vuitton coat and she says it’s so warm in the winter when we were in switzerland she wore it and she never complains about being cold and i had my fendi jacket on i was freezing so get it!
Комментарий от : Elliott Ford

Dr. David Horowitz
The LV Coat
Комментарий от : Dr. David Horowitz

Karen Saba
definitely the LV coat
Комментарий от : Karen Saba

Aminah B
Yayyy new video 😍😍😍😍
Комментарий от : Aminah B

Комментарий от : Yasmine

Sorina Nita
am i the only one who thinks that she is romanian ?
Комментарий от : Sorina Nita

milky adopt me
Да позная,че си българка🤗
Комментарий от : milky adopt me

You need to get the parajumper irene jacket its so comfortable!
Комментарий от : Nurtje

Anna Lyn
are you bulgarian
Комментарий от : Anna Lyn

GCOS Children
Has brexit affected the pricing in heathrow? I’m traveling in October and I am planning ahead:)
Комментарий от : GCOS Children

Tanja Weber
Really nice vlog! But please film with the camera😭
Комментарий от : Tanja Weber

Disappointed you didn’t show your Chanel purchase... 💔 I think the Chanel leather jacket was really unflattering but the cardigan was nicer however those elastic button holes was awful haha I think the ring and Chanel shoes looked cutest! X
Комментарий от : Amy

Aylin Kc
Chanel pieces doesn’t looked nice , I think LV fits you better
Комментарий от : Aylin Kc

Антония Ангелова
Chanel blue one
Комментарий от : Антония Ангелова

Sousou S
Комментарий от : Sousou S

Corbin Smith
LV Coat ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Комментарий от : Corbin Smith

Noor Noor
You are a winter type in colors. Iam a Winter type too... All the bright colors wont suite.
Комментарий от : Noor Noor

Muhammad Yasir
Ich liebe dich ❤
Комментарий от : Muhammad Yasir

Megan Weir
Chanel is ridiculous with there logo . It ruins the item .
Комментарий от : Megan Weir

Gia X
But Heathrow is the best airport tbh
Комментарий от : Gia X

Paola Castrejon-Poroj
I dont think she looks to classy in all this clothes and everything , with the poncho she look like a grandma.
Комментарий от : Paola Castrejon-Poroj

Lucas Klarskov Nielsen 6C
Комментарий от : Lucas Klarskov Nielsen 6C

Haha late for flight again! Story of my life. I have many close encounters of missing my flight due to shopping. Glad you made yours!
Комментарий от : angeleyn

Judy DelCastillo
You resemble Brielle Biermann
Комментарий от : Judy DelCastillo

The LV coat is so much nicer than the Chanel blazer
Комментарий от : CuriosityRocks

The sunglasses at 16:17 with the gold on the side actually look pretty cute on you
Комментарий от : CuriosityRocks

The Chanel leather jacket does not suit you and is so not worth the price.
Комментарий от : CuriosityRocks

Andrea MarSant
Quick question are the Louis Vuitton hoop earrings heavy?
Комментарий от : Andrea MarSant

Amy Brando
Gorgeous video thank you 🙏🏻. Watched while having my breakfast before getting ready for work. So nice to have a little escape before the reality of the day x
Комментарий от : Amy Brando

Cayden Chadwick
Get the louis vuitton coat xx
Комментарий от : Cayden Chadwick

Dalila Beauty
You are a beautiful and classy person of success, I hope you support my channel
Комментарий от : Dalila Beauty

Katie 131
Just stumbled on to this channel and realised how poor I am 🤣😭
Комментарий от : Katie 131

The black jacket is half yes, half no because of the shapelessness
Комментарий от : itziebitz

Chels Garbett
Just a quick question, do you know if all stores in London Heathrow Terminal 5 accept American Express? X
Комментарий от : Chels Garbett

Daniil Kulkov
R U from Russia ?
Комментарий от : Daniil Kulkov

veseluy ded
Машка, а нам на русском
Комментарий от : veseluy ded

Savera Savera
im at 21 24 and you still havnt bought anything than do you buy anything or not
Комментарий от : Savera Savera

I’m sorry but that loui dress makes you look like you are an SA from loui. But that’s my humble opinion. What it matters is if you like it
Комментарий от : Debra

HunnyBunny Jones
The Texas Paris sunglass with earrings 😍😍😍😍 girl I love this look!!!!
Комментарий от : HunnyBunny Jones

Pema Yangchen
Комментарий от : Pema Yangchen

گەرمیان گورگە
I don't like her
Комментарий от : گەرمیان گورگە

Ramigg R
What lipstick did you use in this vid? Omg it’s so finee
Комментарий от : Ramigg R

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