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How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time | Baratunde Thurston

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Информация о видео How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time | Baratunde Thurston

Название :  How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time | Baratunde Thurston
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Дата публикации :   20200709
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Комментарии к видео How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time | Baratunde Thurston

Patrick O'Finnigan
I liked his ted talk
Комментарий от : Patrick O'Finnigan

King Hawke
between step 2 & step 3 you lost me. you ignored any cultural, legal, or historical progress made from 1950 to 2020. that's 70 years. your premise at that stage is faulty.
Комментарий от : King Hawke

Matt Money
Комментарий от : Matt Money

Til liberals only read the headlines
Комментарий от : Azi9

Well spoken, well presented and engaging young man . I watched the entire video because of that 👍 even after he lost me on click bate head lines and examples of “systemic” issues ! I liked the way he argued without yelling and insulting and tried to back up with facts , the numbers seem twisted though
towards fitting his argument more than fitting his argument to the number. I don’t agree with his message but I did like the way he delivered it

Комментарий от : 09hazman

Gary Kuipers
Intelligent Black Man discovers a secret too many people forget: Be kind, don't prejudge.
Комментарий от : Gary Kuipers

Joe Smith
Shame he is so blinded by his own racism
Комментарий от : Joe Smith

Georgia Calil
Great speech!!
Комментарий от : Georgia Calil

UseYour Mind
One must ask oneself when seeing ANY headline: why would color even be mentioned? The answer would be: to try to trick you into believing something that may not be entirely true. I do not read or watch the regular news anymore, because 50 years has taught me that there's ALWAYS an agenda with the news. People- start thinking for yourselves. This man here is smart, but only goes 80 % of the way with his thinking. Most don't even go that far, but instead just parrot what others say. That's being intellectually lazy. Use 100 percent of your mind to avoid being manipulated by those who want your money or your vote
Комментарий от : UseYour Mind

Join a black country. Problem solved.
Комментарий от : Ap0k4lypsV

D. Engel
9 unarmed black men shot a year from police, this is not survival you are more likely to die from the flu! 19 white men were shot! so how is it different! Half the cops are minorities today...this is all garbage.
Комментарий от : D. Engel

D. Engel
Almost all systems in Amercia today are democratic and actively pro black. Which system? Schools, universitys, pentagon, government agencies, media and big tech! ALL left leaning. If the institutional system is racist its democrat.
Комментарий от : D. Engel

Ben Young
Hard as a white guy who got tackled from behind by cops and pepper sprayed point blank in the eye for lighting a cigarette and putting my lighter in my pocket in front of a cop after getting smashed in the head 3 times with a full beer bottle and my elbow split by my ex girlfriend for sitting in the car because i was cold and using the heater after she kicked me out the house because she was drunk and i wasn't... The black man get screwed worse than anyone by police is bullshit... After they realized i was the victim and not the aggressor, got charged with resisting arrest... For putting my lighter in my pocket... It's police vs ppl. Not police vs blacks... This was my second bad experience... Change my mind ignorant fools
Комментарий от : Ben Young

Baratunde, now go do a TED talk to inner city folks about the dangers of gang life and dangers glorification of anti-cop sentiments
Комментарий от : hoBBes

Randy Fisher
So police are now drones! I have been a cop for 23 years and have seen racism from all races, no mention here of all the interactions with police with positive results! Sad excuse to use racism as an excuse....
Комментарий от : Randy Fisher

Dean B
Why does the media need to include race in anything bad that one person does to another? You never hear Black Person Attacks Black Person On The Street for No Reason.
Комментарий от : Dean B

Here are some headlines for you. "BLM CHAZ/CHOP security shoot 14 and 16 year old killing 16yo." "BLM rioters shoot and kill 8 yearold girl"
"BLM protestor shoots woman In head for saying ALL LIVES MATTER"

Комментарий от : MIKE HUNT

CrzyAuto Chic
Question. Has the interactions and experiences police have had with certain groups of people caused their actions to be more forceful over the years when responding to 911 calls?
Комментарий от : CrzyAuto Chic

Chris Horvath
There are a lot of games we can play the other way but then again I would be called racist
Комментарий от : Chris Horvath

White woman was shot by a black man because she was supporting "all lives matter" instead "black lives matter"
Комментарий от : DudesaQQ

UCAUTO Entertainment
You know I believed 100 percent of this stuff until I seen a black lady mistreating restaurant workers then acting like it was there fault recording them calling them racist then recording everyone else around including me like if I’m racist and I berly even heard their convo ...
Комментарий от : UCAUTO Entertainment

UCAUTO Entertainment
How being raised with bias is hopefully my comment doesn’t get deleted again 😂😂
Комментарий от : UCAUTO Entertainment

Luiz Cláudio
News headlines are terrible evidence for anylising racism in the country, data simply doesnt indicate that this racist America he talks about exists; The news simply report "racial" news because those get more clicks, and in doing so perpetuate this myth that America is majorly racist when it isnt.
Комментарий от : Luiz Cláudio

Garrod Saxon
You are only a "survivor" of sexual assault if the person sexually assaulting you also tried to kill you. I'm so tired of this victimhood economy we have going on.

And before you type it, yes, actually, I have.

Комментарий от : Garrod Saxon

Justin Sims
He has real experience that speaks to real culturally sensitive realities
Комментарий от : Justin Sims

Jaxon Wyatt
1. Mostly pointing out the issues with media writing headlines in a way to outrage and push a narrative

2. Very intellectually disingenuous, is leaving out a number of key data points

3. He does actually have a good point about people need to not just call 911 all the time and police need more accountability+ better training

Комментарий от : Jaxon Wyatt

L Charles
I wonder if anyone at that conference changed what or how they did anything. TED is very expensive to attend, so you do get CEOs and other powerful people. It is fine to be educated and moved by this, but action must be taken. Perhaps this needs to be part of any new training for police if they are trying to restructure and redesign how they work.
Комментарий от : L Charles

Blake O'Toole
This is mindless, the guy sounds smart but that’s as far as it goes. He can almost list off all the headlines of their kind and acts like they’re the majority of 911 calls. Sorry mate of course a 911 call is more likely to be dealt with by force in comparison to just a regular police check or traffic stop. In almost all 911 calls it’s due to emergency and just because “white woman calls 911 on black man barbecuing” doesn’t result in the police actually attending that call. Cops aren’t shooting dudes barbecuing or little girls selling lemonade. Think critically people!
Комментарий от : Blake O'Toole

question everything
How do some people white or black ignore that all of these things have been talked about and exposed for years until people burn things for you to get it in your media
Комментарий от : question everything

jackie foulger
He is a great speaker, but sadly he lives with a constant chip on his shoulder. I am a white female, doing business in a man's world. I could name lots of injustices, but I won't because i move on and up.
Good luck to you sir. I hope you will be successful in your life.

Комментарий от : jackie foulger

Pretty sure this dude will never Encounter police brutality. Only poor folk encounter that.
Комментарий от : Joksa999

Michael Clay
Women of any race have more rights and privilege than any man of any race.
Комментарий от : Michael Clay

Dylan Nguyen
He really does not say anything factual or intellectual.
Комментарий от : Dylan Nguyen

Joseph Usher
I don't need ANOTHER black person to tell me how racist I am purely because God chose to give me white parents.
Комментарий от : Joseph Usher

911: "Hangsfolks 911, what's your Emergency."
911: "Maam, calm down what is your emergency?"
Caller: "There's an Black man sitting with a White woman in the Cracker Barrel at..."
911: "Maam, this is your 3rd time calling, there's nothing illegal about interracial mixing unfortunately but it's not illegal, DO NOT CALL AGAIN OR ELSE you will be charged with obstruction."
Caller: "I got my kids immediately and left like the sign said in case interracial couples visited but they're all crying and traumatized we're headed to the hospital."
911: "Very wise maam, good bye."


Many he should look up the FBI crime stats. before opening his mouth.
Комментарий от : R L M

Schroeders Current events
He acts like he’s in danger every time he sees a cop. It’s disgusting. Police brutality is terrible, but rare. 9 African Americans a year die of police brutality, it’s terrible and it happens. But of millions of African Americans, it’s 9. It’s not genocide and you don’t have to fear for your life every day
Комментарий от : Schroeders Current events

Privileged. Don't lecture the rest of us.
Комментарий от : roleat

Electric 007
white women cry equality but dont see the equality in color what a hypocrite world we live in
Комментарий от : Electric 007

Darrell Frank
good Lord, is it ever going to end. Another lecture about being white. this guy is a racist himself
Комментарий от : Darrell Frank

Hannah Brook
Am I the only one wondering why he gave a statistic for racism towards black people in the 19th century but not the current one we’re in? I love how he organized this presentation but I cannot simply believe an argument that doesn’t include an equally supported statistical basis...
Комментарий от : Hannah Brook

brendt de vera
It needs to educate the people from childhood until they fully understand what racism is...
Комментарий от : brendt de vera

Primus Inter Pares -
When the wolves convince the sheep that the sheepdogs are bad...the wolves will eat at their leisure.
Комментарий от : Primus Inter Pares -

Die Finsternis
So, all he showed us was that media likes to show us that "white people" call out to the authorities more to question behavior they consider wrong. Also he showed us that these media articles usually revolve around "black people" doing something wrong.
Now, I don't know where this guy learned logic, but all I can infer from this is that either we get to see all relevant articles, which means "only white people rely on authorities" and "only black people are doing questionable acts" or I can infer that "media is showing us only those kind of articles that drive the emotions of people to generate attention and to imply moral guidelines".
Both things are not helping any "anti-racist" cause, because one option is giving merit to your opponent, the other option means your side is misinformative and thus untrustworthy.

He is also transforming the right to defend public order by calling on the police into a farce. And while I agree that some of those "activities" he mentions are silly to call the police upon, doesn't change the fact that if there is something going on which I think is against the law I am entitled, as citizen of that country, to call upon the police to resolve the issue. He is in a sense downplaying the danger that can come up from engaging with actual criminals by skimming some "activities" and call them all as "living". A guy who is not my neighbor using the neighbors pool isn't living. He is using property which he may or may not be entitled to use. And if he is not, that is most definetly something the police should resolve, not me. And that is for a simple reason: I would not want my pool to be used by a stranger while I am not at home. Thus I do not expect the same for my neighbors. Thus I would call upon the police. Simple as that.

Комментарий от : Die Finsternis

Lance Johnson
Proof that being raised in a victim culture will outsmart you almost every time.
Комментарий от : Lance Johnson

AnnaD Star
Racism does exist and it’s sad and crazy. Yet using “news” headlines as proof is very strange as well as an example of him getting pulled over for a valid reason. He did everything as any citizen supposed to do and had no issues. Where is the racism? The story only showed he had a preconceived notion that cops are all bad and would shoot anyone who is black.
Statistics will give much better idea than this talk.
People calling cops on each other for doing nothing wrong is called stupidity. Things are taken out of context and turned into a sensation for the sake of making money. So-called journalists and mainstream media are constantly lying and programming people for fear and division. How about we stop buying into it? And how about we stop consuming media garbage and start thinking for ourselves?

Комментарий от : AnnaD Star

Rodel Casino
This one is dumb
Комментарий от : Rodel Casino

Kevin Cobb
My white daddy taught me the same thing to do the same thing when pulled over by police. I didn't go to your schools or give a TEDtalk you are privileged my friend.
Комментарий от : Kevin Cobb

Eric Moeller
Excellent speech skills. Super engaging and balanced well between funny and informative. Very memorable
Комментарий от : Eric Moeller

tam gr
Would news papers dare to run the stories if the races were switched?
Комментарий от : tam gr

I wish I was wrong
Look at the victim on stage. Does everyone see him. He thinks he is making an argument against something that don't exist. And when he said he worked for the daily show it explains a part of the reason he belives this nonsense. So sick of hearing people cry about how the country is racist. Move.
Комментарий от : I wish I was wrong

Mimi M
I’m sorry, but I was asked by a (black) police officer who stopped me for running a stop sign to keep my hands on the stirring wheel while he processed my information - AND I AM WHITE. SO THE ARGUMENT THIS SPEAKER IS MAKING IS NONSENSE. I lived in Beverly Hills. If there is Systemic Racism, show me the statistics. Show me the individual legal violations. Broad brushing, which is what this speaker is doing, is sophomoric and lacks nuance. Critical Race Theory is egregiously flawed because it stereotypes, which effectively promotes racism. No disrespect intended, but this gentleman is wrong on a scale that is inherently racist. He is promoting a dangerous ideology that, by default, lacks nuance and promotes racism. Shame on him.
Комментарий от : Mimi M

Twyla McKee
Wow. I'm looking at some of the comments below and all I can think is, how much more right-wing biased can people get? FYI all - I'm Independent, but vote Republican because I am mostly Conservative, but hold fast to some of the Liberal viewpoints our Founding Fathers set forth (true liberalism, not the left-wing liberalism of today that just flouts our freedoms and is systemic socialism). White supremacy exists people. Just because YOU aren't full-on supremist does not mean that there are not people out there that are. The examples he used were REAL 9-1-1 calls, and the situations came directly from dispatch records (at least, that's what it said). Not "media headlines" from the left-biased news outlets. Not "word-of-mouth" from the "aggressors" or "victims". He gave cause-and-effect situational explanations from real records. "Victim" chooses "resolution" in response to "aggressor" found in "situation". Four parts. It was a perfect breakdown of the different situations. Then, he changed out "resolution", "situation", "victim" and "aggressor" randomly to show how things can escalate, end differently, or be viewed differently. Yes, it was all about white supremacy. But, it was all true. We have become as much the aggressor as we believe we are the victim. The cause? Multi-faceted. 1- Rap/Hip-Hop. The music associated with Black culture seems to always speak of drugs, rape, murder, violence, money, etc. It often glorifies it. When we as whites hear it all, we envision blacks the way the music culture portrays it. So, when we see a black guy, our first thoughts turn to the music of the culture, which makes us wonder if that black is like that, and the fear then sets in. 2- Media. Social, News, doesn't matter which. They always report the criminal blacks, report the instances of black violence. If they don't report that, they report the instances of blacks being killed by white cops. They never show the whole story behind all these instances, only the parts that hit hard and incite emotions. They don't like reporting the instances of real humanitarianism instigated by blacks, and supported by whites - those stories don't follow the narratives they are trying to force-feed the people (this is why I research everything I hear/see, don't take things at face value). Since all we are fed by media is instances of violence, etc, from that side, it feeds even more into the idea that we need to fear the people. So, it all created a culture where non-blacks see a black person and the fore-most thought is "OMG, black, gotta protect myself!" Now, back to the video. Like he said, lets change our thought-pattern. Instead of believing the narrative shoved down our throats, lets think "ok, is he headed for me? no. Is he dressed like a thug? no. Does he look like he's just going about business like a normal person? Yes. OK, I'm safe." And maybe, we'll even see that the situation is something we could join in and participate in, and promote inclusion!
Комментарий от : Twyla McKee

Jack Green
When cops kill a white person like Tony Timpa, it is brutality. When cops kill a black person, it is racism.
Комментарий от : Jack Green

Cees Timmerman
Man, if a traffic stop fuels a talk like this, i can't wait for his tales of surviving a swimming pool or his own neighborhood. Both more likely to kill unarmed black people than cops do, albeit perhaps not as likely as Native Americans getting killed by a cop. #RedLivesMatter
Комментарий от : Cees Timmerman

Ah, yes:
Technology (IDK, he mentioned urban farming)
Education (talked about going to school)
Demonstration (showing how stupid he is)

Комментарий от : agentzane

Marquita Cash
His strong intelligent black mother sends him to school and says "don't loose your glasses or your blackness" he later visits his white girlfriends parents.... I'm kinda done now
Комментарий от : Marquita Cash

faggo tron
tbh hes a little racist towards white people if u listen to every word he says
Комментарий от : faggo tron

Pavlos Stampolidis
So, he explained what the sjw activists tried to push into our heads lately, that institutional racism exists. That is a really dangerous idea considering that it is already being used as an excuse for black people being racist, saying "but i can't be racist because i don't have the institutional power to exercise it" when in reality everyone can be racist as long as they see someone negatively just because of the colour of their skin.
Комментарий от : Pavlos Stampolidis

Smart, funny sometimes accurate, but woefully misguided, his narrative has been indoctrinated by his mother and shaped by the media!
He wants something erased thats dosen't exist today, but in the select minds of a few dozen uneducated also misguided individuals, who can't see pass their own noses.
Had he consulted or researched the likes of Walter Williams, Larry elder or Thomas Sowell, its likely he would not have had a platform to talk at, because we live in an age that facts need trigger warnings and cancel culture.
I'm no longer surprised that people deliberately obfuscate the data that is relevant to these issues is largely ignored..🙊🙉🙈

Комментарий от : LÖRD HŲMŲŃĢÙŚ

Steve Singleton
And yet when he is pulled over, he KNOWS the police are going to shoot him. Black children are being told the same thing. How are his perceptions of police (given % of police interaction) different than the examples he gives?

He got his feelings the same way the whites in his examples did. They both watched the news, they both read the papers (& in his case, he keeps track), and BOTH make generalizations.

If Blacks and Whites don't both change, this will never end.

Комментарий от : Steve Singleton

Considering that media is very biased I find all headlines to very misleading as it provides zero context. Just like this TED talk where there is zero evidence and facts to support his premise of systemic profiling and racism. However, he provides a lot of anecdotes. There are people in this world that will call the police on anybody and everybody for the most trivial of reasons because these people are suspicious of anything that seems different and want control over their environment. I do think that needs to stop if not a valid crime. Police in our area of LA don't respond to petty things like this, but might if they are in the areawill cruise through neighborhoods for presence if there is a concern that emotions will escalate to violence between two people.

These violent police interactions are happening in progressive cities like Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City where black on black crime is surging. Those who are living by the sword (violence) are more likely going to end up dying by the sword. The focus should be on how you work with leaders to stop that from happening.

Here are some headlines I would like you to dive into when forming your belief system of systemic racism and police brutality.
How to Help Failing Black Communities


Are Minneapolis Crime Increases Evidence of a "Ferguson Effect"? reason.com/2020/07/09/are-minneapolis-crime-increases-tracking-the-2016-chicago-homicide-spike/

Chicago, crime and the complicated truth behind 'defund the police' efforts

Murders, shootings up, overall crime down halfway through 2020

To reduce urban violence, let's consider the real causes — not guns, police or 'low' taxes

Комментарий от : SHAS SWE

John Harris
BOOYAH B....... don't mess with our JESUS , you mainstream puppet Don Lemming.
Комментарий от : John Harris

Kamikaze Killjoy
Honestly... i don't care what skin color you are. Because there's only one race, the human race. Whatever your skin color white, black, yellow, brown, it doesn't matter. We as humans have commit absolute atrocities against one another, this can we seen all over the world through history. But we have also done overwhelmingly kind and selfless things for each other.

But if you're stuck in the mindset that all you are is the color of your skin. Then that's on you. Not on anyone else.

Комментарий от : Kamikaze Killjoy

Matthew Tratz
A well thought out and delivered presentation. I feel his point is a bit skewed.
Комментарий от : Matthew Tratz

Colby Davis
Who calls 911 in the Chicago inner city?
Комментарий от : Colby Davis

Winston Owen
There is a body of science that says that our culture is shaped by the stories that we tell because our brains are wired to imitate the stories we hear or see. Whereas the media reports he speaks about are important, the media can stear us towards a better future by sharing more of the stories of human kindness and goodness, on a daily basis.
Комментарий от : Winston Owen

16.15 narrative is part of the issue, but changing or supressing the story of a black gang somewhere out there is not a solution either.

Peoples irrespective of the colour, feel the same fears, and project these fears of stereotypes on next person resembling stereotype. They do not take chances.

Perhaps solving pathologies within black communities can alleviate negative stereotyping thus generated.... but then again as it seems, when institutions that are predominantly white populated attempt to resolve the issue it becomes an accusation of patronising racism, and emotional guilt trips.

So i would suggest, that it is down to black people wanting to participate in the society (predominantly white populated and made) and fight hard against the odds on the free market to carve out respectable standing and to detach itself from pathologies of the past and change negative image held by majority.

Комментарий от : UNKNOWN

13.30 good call... and i do agree with abuse of police to solve simple human every day issues & problems. how does this compare to white on white reports for the same period?
Комментарий от : UNKNOWN

10.15 "Usually" is not a proof. Give me stats....
Комментарий от : UNKNOWN

7.12 bullcrap it is not .. European/ caucasian population worked hard to achieve whatever advantages they have gained in competition with each other and the peoples from outside of their cultural realms.
If i build a great house, and you have your little shed, the inequality thus generated is not implicitly racist, and you have no right to demand access or stake in my house. And i have a choice to share it with whomever i want or not.

If however, my house was built by you, and you had been enslaved, then you may demand your justice, and share of your good work in form of compensation and or estate.

Most of "white" people's "supremacy" was built by their own effort, and their own system of exploiting one anothers skills in form of exchange of money for services. And by being in tough competition with eachother for the slice of the market meaning improving on competition so that you can win a contract few thousands of years of this produces people with higher net worth then others and structures that dominate the direction.

Naturally they and anyone else that worked hard and achieved something of a value, have natural right to protect and enjoy spoils as well as the position against loss of it.

And it seems that some Black people are racist against White a lot more then white would have been against People of "colour" to the point of passive agresive generational Hate.
While being a minority and mostly not in a privileged position, for whatever reasons (mostly social pathology) they blame White man for their condition.

Your condition is your responsibility, you are master and commander of your own destiny,
White people struggle with same issues you do, and plow on. Raise above the miserable, other fail and crush into oblivion.

No man has a right to unearned privilege, why Black people ought to have preferential treatment then others.?

The issue here is not racist, but reputational, and its genesis, and solution is in social environment and pathologies.....

Комментарий от : UNKNOWN

I must have missed the part where he suggests what it is black people can do to choose or change the story.

The first thing that needs to be examined is what role a society has regarding minority’s. It is the responsibility of that society to accept, embrace, not segregate a particular minority or group of people.

Conversely, it is that minorities responsibility to INTEGRATE into that
Society. I’m this video I heard about someone keeping their blackness. Really? If you want to be treated as an anomaly, you will find that you will.

Комментарий от : SVTStrikesback

Jay U
White wife, Ivy League school, preaching an archaic rhetoric that no longer exists. Classic victim-culture perpetuating once again in both the black and the millennial demographics and the masses buying it.
Комментарий от : Jay U

Justin Macklin
I bet this guy's fun at parties...
Комментарий от : Justin Macklin

People see you as a threat not for no reason. Not your individual fault but just look at the statistics.
Комментарий от : MaxPlayne87

These are all anecdotal evidence. Feelings over facts. “White supremacy exists because I found a bunch of news headlines!!1!”
Комментарий от : MaxPlayne87

Mitch Synder
This was a strangely racist speaker, racist ideas, discussion and a race based ideology that I personally am not inclined toward. Judge a person by their character and not the color of their skin is a quote I prefer to live by
Комментарий от : Mitch Synder

Upitty Dawg
You get what you work for.
Комментарий от : Upitty Dawg

Thabo Nyewe
but you are Afrikan.
Комментарий от : Thabo Nyewe

Danny Kyle
You misinterpret the system. It is against all of us, hence why most of those headlines in the news are so crazy. Half of them are made up or grossly over exaggerated.
Комментарий от : Danny Kyle

Oh please . More propaganda and it doesn’t help race relations
Комментарий от : Livhappy

Total War
Sounds like conspiracy theory construction 101. Get onboard and you can do it too!
Комментарий от : Total War

Bruce Farrar
I understand, I think. I will do better, I promise. Can I offer a counter-point? Caller calls 9-1-1 to report a crime in progress. Caller does not say anything about race. Caller is pressed to give good description. Caller does not say anything about race. Caller is pressed again to describe race of perpetrator. Finally caller says the person she is calling about is black. Newspaper and radio news label caller racist. This is a true story.

Комментарий от : Bruce Farrar

Jibicus Maximus
You comedy intro had me in stitches! Laughter is much needed at this time, thank you!
Комментарий от : Jibicus Maximus

Jibicus Maximus
In the examples given, of headlines, Suppose the back people in question were in a tight knit perhaps exclusively white or not, neighbour hood, would the reactions be the same to white (or any ethnicity for that matter) strangers innocently performing a task or action in said neighbourhood, context is everything, head lines are shorts, they can only convey so much and by their very definition have to be shocking.. a good talk by an obviously enteligent gentleman but I don't agree with all his points here..
Комментарий от : Jibicus Maximus

Darrin Cheng
1:40 nice
Комментарий от : Darrin Cheng

Tyler Schuler
Let's take a look at the real issues here. The media never reports on White people being killed and or having brutality used against them. It happens way more against white people. So what do I mean by this besides facts. I mean the media is using blacks and whites against each other. If the media were to report white people killed by police just as they do black people then blacks wouldn't be afraid for traffic stops like they do and whites would be more afraid then they are and both groups would have fought for police reform decades ago. Reporting just on black people being killed by cops makes whites fear blacks more as well when they find something suspicious. Actually, there are lots of cases too where cops are called on white people for no reasons.
Комментарий от : Tyler Schuler

Marcell Venglovecz
This is just stupid.... There is no white supremacy
Комментарий от : Marcell Venglovecz

scott ellis
This is a TED talk? very selective and inflamatory to all parties mentioned. Just adding fuel to the fire in a country that already has an over inflated " I'm a victim" culture at the moment. Grow up, move on and move forward. I've had the police called on me for skateboarding, fishing, swimming, pouring water down a drain and playing in front of my house, to mention a few. It's not about race, the world is just full of fools. P.S I grew up in a black community and have learnt not to listen to the hype of the media.
Комментарий от : scott ellis

a lot of the information in this is false... i'm not even american but why is it socially acceptible to give one citation per point in a speech while in a university article you need to give a minimum of 3? this seems like a black victim narrative. this shouldnt be about blacks vs whites it should be about civilians vs modern nobles (celebrities and high journalists) and modern government. we wouldnt be afraid of eachother if we could afford to believe that no-one was out to get us or to steal what we have, or to need to steal from others. the problem isnt black or white, the problem is green. white people in america i dont think would need to assume that black people were a threat to their comfort if there wasnt a systemic assumption that black people are poor and therefore are likely to attempt to alleviate this symptom through a threat to white living. so while there certainly is systemic and socially biased racism inherent in your society, i think that that is based on the inequity of economic standards. the elite who agree with you and support your message arent creating an environment where you can avoid this kind of thing all the time though, a lot of the elite want to keep you oppressed because it's popular to report on that and if they actually solve the problem then they lose their fanbase of armchair slacktivists.
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Cyrus L Maximus
"I know you won't believe me,but the Highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others."

"Be a free thinker and don't accept everything you hear as truth.Be critical and evaluate what you believe."

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."


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Drake pendragon
Just saying "I pull over under the brightest street lights I can find in case I need assistance" shows how racist this guy. He didn't "get lucky" he got the NORM and he is perpetuating the typical lie. There is NO such thing as "Reverse racism" there is only RACISM it goes both ways if you are discriminating against someone for being white or black or hispanic, or Asian it's racism. When the black kids kidnapped the mentally handicapped white kid and called him a cracker and assaulted him it was racism.
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Kris L
Not to ignore the many valid points he made, but here's an idea for a new headline. "American man pulled over for expired tag, showed cooperation with law enforcement, nothing bad happened."
Комментарий от : Kris L

Urstruly Palmer
Wow my comment was deleted.. Raped and beat many times. My son cant go to school. My 87 year old great grandmother was RAPPED by 3 black men.. Shm my comment was deleted. U lost a viwer.. Since u deleted my comment i will be reposting ur videos w my comments.. Sick
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Maina Fridman
By the way in the library people chose books or read. if its a discussion , it should be Announced. When kids are loud in the library its extremely distracting. In my town white kids were generally quiet, especially those over four. Now we have black teenagers coming to the library ; some are sleeping putting their heads on the desk, the rest are very loud. What should we do? Tolerate? We do, no one is calling the police, or screaming:shot your mouth! However, out of my favorite place library become into a rarely visiting place. When my child started to come with me to the library i taught him never raise his voice. What is wrong with black mothers that they not teaching their kids to behave in the public places?
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Barantunde your fear you feel walking around sounds more like paranoid schizophrenia. Get that checked out
Комментарий от : antiami

His car stop analogy doesn't make sense. The same thing applies to anyone who is stopped and is what is taught to every new driver. Pull over, put on your blinkers, don't get out of your car, put hands on the steering wheel, and turn on your interior light. It's common sense.
Комментарий от : antiami

Enjoyed the talk! One thing I would say however, is that these headlines are misleading at best. Yes, racial injustice still affects black people today, but it’s quite the stretch to say ”living while black” is seen as a crime, or that calling the police on a black person is the new lynching. Let’s try a different game. Imagine a Karen calls the police on a white teenager for “waiting for an Uber”. You think that makes headlines? You think anybody cares? Or imagine this headline: white woman kicked out of community pool for wearing swimsuit. This one actually happened and made headlines, except for the word “white” because race is only relevant to the media when it’s a black person. The point is, the exact same “racist” thing can happen to a white person as to a black person and it will not be perceived as racist. Think about it. Was that little girl selling water without a permit really a threat to the woman who called the police? Or was the woman simply an idiot? Again, have that same thing happen to an 8 year old white child and at best you still get the headline, but it never mentions race. Furthermore, comparing this kind of case to Emmett Till is disingenuous, disrespectful, and dishonest. If anyone has any thoughts I’d love to hear them!
Комментарий от : Gilbert

If you are oppressed, how did you get to where you are today? If there is any system of oppression, then it is the welfare system that is keeping black people impoverished. As far as the headlines go, these thing happen in the reverse all of the time but the headlines never use race when the roles are reversed. Why is that? Maybe you should be attacking the biased liberal media? Or perhaps look at the party in power in the major cities where race relations and black poverty is a problem? Mostly if not all of those cities have many democrats in power with a large number of them being black themselves. Just look at Baltimore for a good or rather a bad example of a city being destroyed by leftist values. The issues today stem from the lack of a strong nuclear family(white or black or any other race) with a strong male at the center as God made it from the beginning of our time on earth. These Godly values will cultivate any child to love their neighbor and to speak truth with love. May God have mercy on this country.
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