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Top 10 Best New Winter 2020 Anime

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Информация о видео Top 10 Best New Winter 2020 Anime

Название :  Top 10 Best New Winter 2020 Anime
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 800354413457
Дата публикации :   20200715
Просмотры :   g({'EVENT_ID':
Понравилось :   1,223
Не понравилось :   53

Кадры из видео Top 10 Best New Winter 2020 Anime

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Комментарии к видео Top 10 Best New Winter 2020 Anime

CheskaMesylf Macasaet
ummmm who and on what anime is he on the thumbnail?
Комментарий от : CheskaMesylf Macasaet

Брэндон Нельсон
Top 10 Anime Where The Weak MC gets betrayed by his friends but comes back stronger than gods themselves
Комментарий от : Брэндон Нельсон

Areej Sheikh
Комментарий от : Areej Sheikh

Ey Vexro ;1
What’s the thumbnail
Комментарий от : Ey Vexro ;1

Ghh Hhh
Thumbnail: darwin's game :D
Комментарий от : Ghh Hhh

Roni Ray Hufana
Accel world s2, legend of the legendary heroes s2, fairy tail 100yrs quest and code geass season 3 had been better ah its just me thinking for myself.
Комментарий от : Roni Ray Hufana

ID:Invaded :3 🥺
Комментарий от : ぴんくのこ•心臓

John James
Why didn't I hear anything about ID:Invaded before this??? It's the best anime I've seen in a long time!!
Комментарий от : John James

Sunny Ly Games
When I saw the 10th anime I saw on this video
Then I search it and watched the first one

That was a bit mess up game lol

Edit: but good enough

Комментарий от : Sunny Ly Games

Jotaro Kujo
Number 7 is freaking porno
Комментарий от : Jotaro Kujo

Monkey D. Luffy
When there's finally a cure for covid-19 and lockdown is over I will start running around naked and screaming "I'M FINALLY FREE FROM THIS HELL HOUSE!"

if I survive that is...

Комментарий от : Monkey D. Luffy

Bruce Bautista
i came for that thumbnail, sauce?
Комментарий от : Bruce Bautista

Anime Name from the thumbnail
Комментарий от : Momo

Fatal Pain
5:54 thank me later
Комментарий от : Fatal Pain

Aaaa......My favourite anime Hanako ❤️
Комментарий от : Sainah歳な

Johnpeter Janairo
What is the thumb name title
Комментарий от : Johnpeter Janairo

【H E C A T E】
4:25 wait i thought this was hentai
Комментарий от : 【H E C A T E】

sauce from thumbnail????
Комментарий от : GALAXY _47

Bruh. you are pronouncing half the word you say wrong LMAO
Комментарий от : KÜBÉ

Tiger Gaming
At 3:05 does he say bit or b word
Комментарий от : Tiger Gaming

Phantom Cyxn
My question is what name is the anime u use on the thumbnail..
Комментарий от : Phantom Cyxn

Old Account
Oh I already watched Bofuri! ITS REALLY GOOD! It is a MUST watched, it hilarious, the art style is very beautiful, and the story line is amazing and well thought out in my opinion ÙwÚ And Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun was really good too!
Комментарий от : Old Account

Jonathan London
10)(0:45) Darwin's Game - Haven't watched it yet. Likely will watch in the future.
9) (1:43) Smile Down The Runway - Haven't watched yet; probably won't in the future. This is actually the first time hearing about it.
8) (3:11) Somali and the Forest Spirit - Have watched it. It started out really entertaining but the ending was pretty unfulfilling. (7/10)
7) (4:23) Interspecies Reviewers - Watched it out of order. Actually enjoyed it as it's not based in any central plot and is just something entertaining to watch when you want as the protagonists go on a new comedic "adventure" every episode. (8/10)
6) (5:39) Bofuri - Watched it out of order. It was okay but I wish there was more of a running plot interspersed with both wholesomeness and more emotional intense situations. (7/10)
5) (7:08) Toilet-bound Hanako-kun - Loved it. Was very vibrant and entertaining throughout. (9/10)
4) (8:09) Dorohedoro - Haven't watched it yet. Most likely will watch in the future.
3) (9:12) In/Spectre - Just recently finished watching it. I liked the characters and the monsters a great deal but I can't help thinking that they didn't really do much with the first season. (7.5/10)
2) (10:13) Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! - Same as #9, this is the first time I've heard about it. Probably won't watch it.
1) (11:27) Id: Invaded - Also haven't seen this one and this is the first time I'm hearing about it. Although I just may give this one a view and check it out later.

Комментарий от : Jonathan London

Jeinanao Plays
Hanako Fans make sure like this comment💗
Комментарий от : Jeinanao Plays

Galarexia Link
1. rewatch nisekoi for our chilhood's sake
Комментарий от : Galarexia Link

Naul 360
Okay so the thumbnail, does someone know witch anime that is?
Комментарий от : Naul 360

sakura Senpai
I recommend welcome to demon school.. You will not regret it
Комментарий от : sakura Senpai

Asif shaik
What's the thumb nail - anime?
Комментарий от : Asif shaik

thumbnaid ?
Комментарий от : DyDyi

Okaasan Talks
I really liked Dorohedoro!!... but felt it was a bit fast paced and they could have done better with the character development 🤔
Комментарий от : Okaasan Talks

The grandson of the wizard legend is good to
Комментарий от : N•U D•B

What’s the anime they use as the wallpaper of the video?
Комментарий от : Emiyolosky

bubble berry
Toilet bound for me is too underrated I light cry watching the Nike and cry reading the manga
Комментарий от : bubble berry

Mati Wałuto
999 996 views, 666k subscribers
Комментарий от : Mati Wałuto

Great Content. you Will make a difference!! See ya bud xo
Комментарий от : Kunnero

I just finished "Jibaku Shounen" and it was just perfect 😳
Комментарий от : 素敵なHimarii

yusuf aqel
put the title of the anime tolol
Комментарий от : yusuf aqel

Kazuto Kirigaya
Basically you told us to watch hentai
Комментарий от : Kazuto Kirigaya

Ian Bagani Yuzai
Man yur recommendations is the best! I watched it all from top 10 to top 1. i didn't get bored of all of it.
Комментарий от : Ian Bagani Yuzai

Umar Bibulatov
Whats the Anime at the thumbmail
Комментарий от : Umar Bibulatov

jessica ojukwu
I’m not letting you some animals
Комментарий от : jessica ojukwu

Комментарий от : Shine

Burningsoul 334
Anyone know that thumbnail?
Комментарий от : Burningsoul 334

Dahyunie Wang
Do any of u guys know the anime where the heroine is a princess and MC is a half blood demon who can teliport I guess :3 His outfit is black
He takes the heroine away every night and they talk on the roof
PS. My friend says she saw a trailer of it on YouTube but forgot the name and now wants to watch it 😂

Комментарий от : Dahyunie Wang

Datari Tv
When you already watched everthing on the list
Комментарий от : Datari Tv

Grumpy ol' Boot
I went and watched "Somali and the forest spirit" because of this video, and I was not disappointed.
Warning, if you are a middle aged father who has a daughter, this anime will hit you HARD !!

... but it's worth it.

Комментарий от : Grumpy ol' Boot

preeti choudhuri
One second......WHERE IS TOWER OF GOD!?!?!?
Комментарий от : preeti choudhuri

What is the name of the anime in the thumbnail
Комментарий от : Elims.clappedyou

Sheryl Cabañog
Toilet bound!!!...
Hanako San!! ♥

Комментарий от : Sheryl Cabañog

troll hunter
your list sucks
Комментарий от : troll hunter

I just wanna know what the thumbnail is
Комментарий от : jacob_lumine

Thumbnail Anime?
Комментарий от : Nyeiru

The river
Crap no words just cool just cool
Комментарий от : The river

John Carlo Gonzales
What is the anime shown at the start after re:zero? the one shooting a huge laser beam
Комментарий от : John Carlo Gonzales

Pubg Khan
2020 best anime is tower of god
Комментарий от : Pubg Khan

unknown acc.
Where website can watch anime for free???
Комментарий от : unknown acc.

Rahul Krishna
I would recommend this list anyone. Too bad I already watched most of em
Комментарий от : Rahul Krishna

johnrhen salvador
That first anime on the list is just like mirai nikki . Yuukkkii
Комментарий от : johnrhen salvador

A Leaf
Anyone know where i can watch these??????
Комментарий от : A Leaf

n o o d l e s
Um TOILET BOUND WHO?! Hanako is mine >:(
Комментарий от : n o o d l e s

Justin Yoo
My man put interspecies reviewers for anime recommendations
Комментарий от : Justin Yoo

A Leaf
Anyone know where i can go watch these???
Комментарий от : A Leaf

Alia Aslam
jibaku shounen hanako kun is my fav i finished all the episodes in just three days i am soooooo much sad i also cried that i have finished my fav cartoon in three days. i want a season two
Комментарий от : Alia Aslam

l Pixxelz l
What’s the thumbnail??????
Комментарий от : l Pixxelz l

CrazY Designs
One piece
Dragon ball
Or naruto
Tell me what to watch

Комментарий от : CrazY Designs

Gerald Taloza
all animes now are awesome
Комментарий от : Gerald Taloza

Poisonous Apple
finally something new to watch
Комментарий от : Poisonous Apple

Mark Chushenkov
Where is all information in the video description? It's a pity, but I'm going to give you dislike!
Комментарий от : Mark Chushenkov

Id; invaded was indeed quite damn good.
Комментарий от : ghoullegion

anime with bad cgi should burn
Комментарий от : REAPER

cupcake unicorn
you forgot Black CloverrrRrr
Комментарий от : cupcake unicorn

I'm just binge watching Hunter x Hunter
Комментарий от : Dáyno

Haylee B
What's the anime in the thumbnail??
Комментарий от : Haylee B

Kenpachi Zoraki
Fuck you for not making Darwin's Game or Bofuri Number 1 on this list.
Комментарий от : Kenpachi Zoraki

oa ky
I think I am living under a rock since this my first time hearing the interspecies anime
Комментарий от : oa ky

One Peace
he just said {Id Invaded} instead of {Eye d invaded}
Комментарий от : One Peace

Maria Shabbir
Well i watshed almost all of them but I haven't watched it insecter yet so I am going to watch that
Комментарий от : Maria Shabbir

NamiXnami Chan
What the name of the anime of the thumbnail??
Комментарий от : NamiXnami Chan

Me thinking i can watch anime all day and night bc of quarantine

Homework walks in

Комментарий от : Fr0z0ne

Ekko chan
Interspecies reviewers are like hentai🤣🤣🤣Its on p*****b
Комментарий от : Ekko chan

Getting Tired
Interspecies reviewers is very disturbing 😆😆😆😆
Комментарий от : Getting Tired

Loved It!
Комментарий от : KAKARISHXUS

when there are 2 winters in 2020
Комментарий от : Jaxx SFFS

I cant believe I'm looking for new animes while i still have a huge stack of unwatched anime.
Комментарий от : バムバム

Aiscent Juris Donila
I think I'm gonna watch Invaded
Комментарий от : Aiscent Juris Donila

Mataya Peart
darwins game do be good
Комментарий от : Mataya Peart

Invaded was amazing man
Комментарий от : Mr.incest

Shakitha's humble-pie
is he using russos music lol
Комментарий от : Shakitha's humble-pie

pembawa mayat enterprise
I can't wait bofuri season 2 😖
Комментарий от : pembawa mayat enterprise

So fucking hate you voice
Комментарий от : LeO MvP

I wonder what the anime from the thumbnail was
Комментарий от : Autismo173

whats the thumbnail from
Комментарий от : NoCrisiss

- Its Lonely Gamer -
I Love All The Suggestions Here But As We Watch The Anime The Closer To The End Of It...
Комментарий от : - Its Lonely Gamer -

Anime in the front pic?
Комментарий от : SeigeOFFICIAL

黒い狼Black Wolf
Can someone tell the Japanese name? English names don't work on my Anime app
Комментарий от : 黒い狼Black Wolf

just wactehd ID:invaded (not on crunchyroll) , great one, a mix of psyco pass and steins gate .
Комментарий от : piwypd0

AniqPlayz YT
What’s thumbnail?
Комментарий от : AniqPlayz YT

10. Darwins Game
9. Smile Down the Runway'
8. Somali and the Forest Spirit
7. Interspecies Reviewers
6. Bofuri
5. Toilet-bound Hanaki-kun
4. Dorohedoro
3. In/Specture
2. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!
1. Id: Invaded

Комментарий от : Rumor-_-

21 Bacon
What anime is in the thumbnail?
Комментарий от : 21 Bacon

Mr Crown
Tip: put Rem :3 in the thumbnail and watch your views go up
Комментарий от : Mr Crown

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