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Gary Garcia Jr.
Personal opinion:
-Roanoke (these middle 3 could probably be switched everyday for me, didn't feel too much for them)
-Murder House

Комментарий от : Gary Garcia Jr.

Undead sick83
You realise you are contradicting yourself right. You judge Freak Show & Coven for lacking horror but then you condemn Hotel for actually having horror.
Комментарий от : Undead sick83

Ng Ng
Love Fleetwood mac
Комментарий от : Ng Ng

Ng Ng
Coven is my favourite!!!!
Комментарий от : Ng Ng

The absolute worst season was Roanakee in my opinion. I was so bored and I didn't get invested in the story at all. Apocalypse felt a little lazy but I overall enjoyed it.
My favourites would have to be Cult and Hotel but I also REALLY liked Coven. It seems like nobody really enjoyed Cult but I immediately fell in love with the theme of it.

Комментарий от : FlightlessBird

1984 intro was sooo bad
Комментарий от : LeKingArt

Melanie Kull
1. Murder House
2. Coven
3. Asylum
4. Freak show
5. Roanoke
6. Hotel
7. 1984
8. Apocalypse
9. Cult

Комментарий от : Melanie Kull

rambo Tambo
My favourite season is hotel
My least favourite season is Apocalypse by far xx

Комментарий от : rambo Tambo

The Egg
My rankings of ahs
1.) Coven
2.) Apocalypse
3.) Murder House
4.) Cult
5.) Asylum
6.) Freak Show
7.) 1984
8.) Hotel
9.) Roanoke

Комментарий от : The Egg

Andy Espinosa
my list would be (from worst to best):

murder house

but honestly I love all the season and don't really dislike any of them heavily and im sure if I rewatched all the seasons rn this list would change

Комментарий от : Andy Espinosa

TheVirgo Tay
I think Roanoke & Apocalypse was a waste of time, they could’ve kept that lol. I just realized I seemed to like the seasons where Evan peters had a major role like murder house, hotel, asylum, then cult. those are like my favorite. 😭
Комментарий от : TheVirgo Tay

Camron G
nah nah 1.asylum 2.freak show 3.1984 4. hotel 5.apocalyse 6. murder house 7.coven 8.cult 9 roankoe
Комментарий от : Camron G

Kerubim Klochko
In the last month i have been rewatching the show, and i think Binge watching helps a lot of the seasons, my rank would be:

9-Apocalypse, the only season that i legit didn't wanted to rewatch, i really liked when it came out, but seeing a second time makes my eyes bleed.
8-Coven, it became Harry Potter, but surprise surprise, after rewatching Apocalypse i learn to enjoy this season a lot more, just because is better than apocalypse.
7-1984, even tho is really low in my list, i liked this season a lot.
6-Murder House, is just low on this list because i like all the other ones more. But i didn't like the banalization of ghosts, but hotel is worst in this topic
5-Hotel, weirdly, the thing that i disliked the most about this season, was lack of horror, and of course the banalization of ghosts
4-FreakShow, i still didn't rewatch it, but this season was my favorite in 2015, too sad of a season.
3-Roanoke, love what they did to the ghosts, they are actually scary! And the thing of "the dramatization character/Real character" was very interesting.
2-Cult, i didn't actually liked this one when it was airing, but in a second view i think is a amazing season, but the horror element is lacking, and the character Ally needed more screentime for development sake.
1-Asylum, loved everything

Комментарий от : Kerubim Klochko

Megan Louise
Couldn’t help myself but do my own list!



Murder house


Комментарий от : Megan Louise

my personal faves are freak show and coven
Комментарий от : SUESDAY

coven was such a boring season imo i have no idea why its the most liked
Комментарий от : Wendigo

Janine Fiasconaro
Wow I disagree with it all! Apocalypse was so good.
Комментарий от : Janine Fiasconaro

The Film Attackers
Idk why but I loved 1984
Комментарий от : The Film Attackers

Amy Kocur
Wow, I'm actually really surprised by your take on Cult. This is completely respectful, agree to disagree, commentary here but it being one of my favorite seasons, I wanted to share my take. Specific elections aside, religion and politics have been terrifyingly interwoven throughout all of history and the general public tends to enjoy religion based horror (exorcism films) so I thought it was incredibly clever of AHS to take on politically motivated horror. I truly think it was one of the freshest, almost AHS-meets-Black Mirror, seasons. I think we see it differently based on real life acts we would highlight - I'm bored by Charles Manson, so that whole element of the season I almost forgot until you spoke about it in your last video. Jim Jones, however, that is so incredibly horrifying that that happened in real life and not that long ago - that sort of fuels the entire season. Anyway, great videos, no clue why I needed to type such a long comment, but again, it's written with all due respect.
Комментарий от : Amy Kocur

the last yeehaw
I think roanoke and cult should switch, clowns and politics was just a better storyline than the confusing reality tv show part of it. I also feel like the seasons based mainly on history just arent as good.
Комментарий от : the last yeehaw

Joanne lusardi
My favorites were Murder House,Freak Show,Hotel,and Cult
Комментарий от : Joanne lusardi

Callie B
imagine if the new season has creepy af sirens, that would be soo cool
Комментарий от : Callie B

nicole balzer
i was really interested in what you had to say UNTIL you said you've only re-watched a few of them. PLEASE RE-WATCH IF YOU DONT LIKE A SEASON IT CHANGES IT DRAMATICALLY.
Комментарий от : nicole balzer

Sophie Johanna
My personal ranking from worst to best (except 1984 bc I haven't watched it yet):
8. Freak Show
7. Cult
6. Apocalypse
5. Coven
4. Hotel
3. Murder House
2. Roanoke
1. Asylum

Комментарий от : Sophie Johanna

apocalypse was such a let down
Комментарий от : claudia

Evie Hannah
Asylum was one of my least favorite seasons. I found it quite long and I felt like it dragged on a lot. I loved Jessica Lange and lily rabe, however I wasn’t a big fan of Sarah paulsons character and the alien plot line was confusing and silly. I loved hotel it is my favorite season. I loved the countess, Liz and James Patrick March. I thought it was so cool and interesting and I liked the way they did the ending
Комментарий от : Evie Hannah

Unpopular opinion: apocalypse is the best season
Комментарий от : Geejox

Greg Baksh
Roanoke wasn’t good story-wise, but it
definitely was scary to me! Coven is overrated. Nothing interesting about bitchcraft. Apocalypse did suck i agree with you there. I wanted more exploration on the horrors of surviving a post nuclear toxic world. I loved everything about 1984 though, sorry.

Комментарий от : Greg Baksh

Emma Mosekjær
I loved every season of ahs except for cult. Murder house, asylum and coven were my faves. But cult was really boring to me and i didn't fuck with it at all. It doesn't mean it's a bad season, but i just didn't catch my interest.
Комментарий от : Emma Mosekjær

hi guys
coven, asylum,murder house
Комментарий от : hi guys

Flora Sarkisian
freak show is so underrated
Комментарий от : Flora Sarkisian

murder house, hotel, coven, asylum, Roanoke, 1984, apocalypse, freak show, cult (best to worst)
Комментарий от : eemmyy

Amelia Graham
9. Cult 8.apocalypse 7.asylum 6. Freak show 5. Hotel 4. Roanoke 3. 1984 2. Murder house 1. Coven
Комментарий от : Amelia Graham

Neve Slingo
some of your takes made me go 👀
but here’s mine:
1. coven (i’m a witch bitch)
3. murder house
5. roanoke
6. asylum
7. freak show
8. apocalypse
9. 1984

Комментарий от : Neve Slingo

Lil Window
9 Cult
8 Roanoke
7 Freakshow
6 asylum
5 1984
4 apocalypse
3 Hotel
2 coven
1 murder house

Комментарий от : Lil Window

Charis Sotireli
Take a shot every time Sarah says "creative"
Комментарий от : Charis Sotireli

831 827
ryan murphy just needs to retire
Комментарий от : 831 827

dandy h.
sooooo no one likes freak show?
Комментарий от : dandy h.

is it just me or was lady Gaga a bad bi* in hotel and just made the season a lot better??
Комментарий от : Mackenzie

it’s probably an unpopular opinion but i don’t really like murder house. it was just boring and it gave me headaches. maybe i just need to rewatch it tho.
Комментарий от : manu

savannah may
my list from worst to best is
murder house

for me, characters are what make a season. if hotel didn't have such amazing characters it would but at where murder house is, murder house would be higher if the fans didn't ruin it for me. apocalypse would be where freakshow is if Cody fern wasn't an AMAZING actor. cult i just loved everything. i cant explain it. asylum is amazing all around though.

Комментарий от : savannah may

sadie rose
for me, it goes: roanoke, cult, hotel, freak show, apocalypse, asylum, 1984, coven, murder house!

ikkk, this is so unpopular but idk haha!

Комментарий от : sadie rose

My favorite season is Freakshow. I agree the horror wasn't exactly there but it's the only season that left me with a feeling of sort of like, happiness? Like when Elsa reunites with the others at the end was kinda sweet. Loved it and have re watched it many times
Комментарий от : FBI

my favs are murder house and asylum and maybe coven 😍😍
Комментарий от : thaliaaa

Holly Mcmillan
Maybe I interpret AHS differently but I don’t believe that it’s main goal is horror. Obviously this is a big part of the franchise but I believe the narrative is supposed to provide a juxtaposition with the American dream rather than just scary. The idea of the American dream is supposedly happy and ideal but AHS shows the opposite. They show the negative sides of America, such as the freak shows, asylums, murderers and the Salem witch trails (among others). All of the seasons have a place regardless of horror factor in my point of view because of what they’re trying to portray
Комментарий от : Holly Mcmillan

Rebecca Hopkins
If just judging in pure horror, ROANOKE IS THE MOST HORROR AND THE MOST SCARY OF ANY AHS SEASON. A close second for just pure horror is Asylum.
Комментарий от : Rebecca Hopkins

Rebecca Hopkins
She’s spot on that Cult is not horror. Its dark social commentary. Which if I wanted to watch that instead of AHS, I’d rewatch Black Mirror. And it’s social commentary not done well and not nearly as well as Black Mirror does it. Not only is it poorly done, it’s completely overdone and not in a good, camp way. It’s also the only season to have no supernatural elements and it was just really stupid. I mean this is AHS, not NCIS!! There was def. not enough horror in the cult
Season of this “horror” show. But Apocalypse I really enjoyed. The crossover was a love letter to us, the fans. It’s my number 3 over all.

Комментарий от : Rebecca Hopkins

Rebecca Hopkins
Here’s my personal worst to best list ranked purely on the ones I liked least to the ones I liked the best. Sure there will be a lot of haters once they see where murder house placed 🤣. But again it’s just my personal taste, and I stand by it:
9) Hotel
8) Cult
7) 1984
6) Murder House
5) Apocalypse
4) Roanoke
3) Freak Show
2) Coven
1) Asylum

Комментарий от : Rebecca Hopkins

Penelope Kessell
I’m only on Season 3 but I have a feeling that Murder House won’t be as high for me as it is for everyone else.. it was kind of just annoying and all the characters except the ghosts (specifically Moira: she was a perfect angel) annoyed me. Violet and Tate were so whiny and the only good thing about it was Evan’s pretty face 😌
Комментарий от : Penelope Kessell

Penelope Kessell
I’m only on Season 3 but I have a feeling that Murder House won’t be as high for me as it is for everyone else.. it was kind of just annoying and all the characters except the ghosts (specifically Moira: she was a perfect angel) annoyed me. Violet and Tate were so whiny and the only good thing about it was Evan’s pretty face 😌
Комментарий от : Penelope Kessell

Brady Chandler
1. murder house
2. coven
3. hotel
4. cult
5. 1984
6. asylum
7. freak show
8. apocalypse
9. roanoke

Комментарий от : Brady Chandler

hannah kathleen
Murder House
Freak Show

Комментарий от : hannah kathleen

Wes Horner
My List would be 1. Murder House 2. Asylum 3. Coven 4.Hotel 5.Freakshow 6.1984 7.Cult 8.Apocalypse 9.Roanoke
Комментарий от : Wes Horner

Mike LaF
Crazy cults the worst! I loved cult.. prob one of my top favorites
Комментарий от : Mike LaF

kaylee strange
hotel scared the shit out of me
Комментарий от : kaylee strange

Peter Haiz
9. Roanoke
8. Cult
7. Freak Show
6. 1984
5. Apocalypse
4. Hotel
3. Murder House
2. Asylum
1. Coven

Комментарий от : Peter Haiz

Zoe Zaragoza
i personally didn’t like asylum but cmon it’s iconic because lAnA bAnNanA haha oh and i’m gonna get a lot of hate from this but i didn’t like hotel don’t come for me but i think the reason i spate hotel is because liz taylor made the season for me 😂
Комментарий от : Zoe Zaragoza

Kiera Barnes-Quinn
I really didn’t enjoy Roanoke
Комментарий от : Kiera Barnes-Quinn

Annika Larsen
hated asylum, loved cult
Комментарий от : Annika Larsen

Morgan Girard
1984 had the best bestttt intro, and what do u mean shoving it down your throat with 80s, are they gonna dress modern just so your not choking on it?
Комментарий от : Morgan Girard

Vincent Bair
You lost me when you put Hotel as worse than Roanoke. I actually really like Hotel.
Комментарий от : Vincent Bair

Chloe Smith
I liked cult just because it was so different yes definitely the least scariest season but I liked that it was modern day and obviously not real but the most realistic season
Комментарий от : Chloe Smith

My ranking, worst to best:
hotel (inconsistent and boring tbh)
murder house

Комментарий от : BloxyGigi

Tiffany Mone
Wow wtf I loved Cult😖
Комментарий от : Tiffany Mone

Unpopular Opinion: I do not like Coven
Комментарий от : Psycane

Eli Apricot
I loved Roanoke, it felt like such a fresh season where they explored a new idea.
Комментарий от : Eli Apricot

Ian Whitehurst
I need that shirt
Комментарий от : Ian Whitehurst

# TooMuchScotty
I’m really not a fan of murder house, I find it forgettable, slow and anticlimactic. My favourite is coven purely because of the rewatchability.

Btw You made a list based on how scary the show is. Your list doesn’t seem to be about the storylines or the acting, your just nit picking stuff that doesn’t matter. 1984s intro isn’t a work or art, grow up.

Комментарий от : # TooMuchScotty

Cult is the most underrated season by far Evan Peters did such a great job and so did Sarah Paulson and the plot twist near the end was very unexpected while roanoke pretty much did the same thing twice in that season

thanks for listening! :)

Комментарий от : CAITLIN GREENE

my list in my opinion (best to worst) Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Hotel, Apocalypse, Freakshow, Cult, 1984, Roanoke
Комментарий от : hannah

Amanda Jeannine
I literally could not watch Hotel.... after that first r*** scene I just was honestly traumatized.
Комментарий от : Amanda Jeannine

Cate Samosky
Ugh yes apocalypse was such a let down for me. It’s the season I’ve been waiting for literally ever since I watched murder house for the first time but it just felt so sloppy and rushed and more like a fan fiction than the actual show. The last several seasons they’ve been doing that weird thing where the first half is great and then halfway through they completely change the plot, setting, and even time period and it’s just super awkward to watch. I consider myself a fan of the show but when I stop and think about it I’ve really only enjoyed murder house and coven all the way through. Every other season I’ve had at least one pretty significant issue with :/
Комментарий от : Cate Samosky

Brody Rothering
Why does Hotel get so much hate i loved it do much it goes best to worst
Murder House

Комментарий от : Brody Rothering

personally i actually liked cult. it was disturbing and i liked how they used allys fears and how her therapist was linked with it, it was very exciting. murder house will also always be one of my favourite ones because i love violet :) also coven!! it’s very nostalgic for me for no reason lol i just loveeee the idea of witchcraft and magic. also i fucking love fleetwood and i love stevie nicks and pretty much the whole soundtrack was them so! apocalypse was also great if i’m honest because it was very satisfying when everything tied together and the world was saved by mallory. i LOVE MALLORY AAA. hotel was okay but i mainly liked it because lady gaga is hot. asylum is near the end of my faves list purely because it’s very grim lol i hate dr arden but i love kit and lana and also sister jude! roanoke is probably my least fav to be honest but that’s only because i just didn’t really feel like it did the story of the roanoke colony justice, and the polk family make me wanna throw up lmao. i haven’t seen 1984 yet but i feel like i am going to love it because i love 80s horror movies so much and all the trailers and snippets look really good!
Комментарий от : liv

Ki Ikari
Cult gave me major anxiety.
Комментарий от : Ki Ikari

Rachel Sherratt
I loved coven and therefore also loved apocalypse
Комментарий от : Rachel Sherratt

Drawing Dwarf
My personnal top 9:
1. Freak Show (pls don't bully me!!!)
2. Murder House
3. Asylum (it was good but it'd get boring sometimes)
4. 1984 (episodes 7-8-9 sucked)
5. Coven (thought it was very simple)
7. Cult
8. Roanoke
9. Apocalypse

Комментарий от : Drawing Dwarf

Toby Garcia
Комментарий от : Toby Garcia

Emmzzzee 13
Unpopular opinion: I liked hotel it's actually one of my favorites
Комментарий от : Emmzzzee 13

Lily Tayler
i think you're right about the whole 'ryan murphy makes death transparent so when people actually die its more jarring' thing because i know when i was watching 1984, ray killing that frat boy really shook me up and he was just a minor character. same with adelaide in murder house, her death was so much more sad than any other because she didn't die at the house and come back as a ghost.
Комментарий от : Lily Tayler

ava rosè
my list goes best to worst
murder house
freak show

Комментарий от : ava rosè

Maddie Rae
you act like i hate ahs. most of your opinions are critical so if you don’t like it stop watching. you say one season was not scary enough and then another one is too scary. if you can’t handle the gore don’t watch it. you say it disappoints you so stop fucking watching it. it’s not that hard dumbass.
Комментарий от : Maddie Rae

I’ve just finished Coven, so... what you’re telling me is, it’s gonna get worse... :(
Комментарий от : Wxldx

Bon Jobey
freak show gang
Комментарий от : Bon Jobey

My top 3 are the same, in the same order. Asylum is a masterpiece.
My least favorite are probably Roanoke and Freakshow (I hated the pacing, I thought they were really boring). And I have yet to see 1984

Комментарий от : B

Romane Sybel
Mine from worst to best
Murder house

Комментарий от : Romane Sybel

That's why I liked Cult. Everyone fucking stayed dead except Jim Jones and his group.
Комментарий от : raptorfuzz

Hannah Livermore
My top fave is tied between coven and freakshow. 2nd is murderhouse. 3rd is cult. 4th is apocalypse. 5th is Roanoke. 6th is asylum. 7th is hotel and 8th is hotel as I haven't watched it yet.
Комментарий от : Hannah Livermore

for me, coven was sooooo much drama and nothing scared me like what were they doing???? fiona and madison were gold, but the other characters were so shallow (right zoe). i didn't finish ahs yet, but coven is for sure the worst season for me until now
Комментарий от : nimsay

Mariana Ribeiro
Unpopular opinion: I really dislike Asylum...
Комментарий от : Mariana Ribeiro

Hotel was so good wtf was she thinking? Is it just me or do u think she is a big time trumper and thats why she gets so uncomfy with REAL gore and didnt like cult😂
Комментарий от : CamilleFocht

Benjamin Alberts
I have not watched 1984 (do not slander me) but I will rank my top 8 anyway (worst to best:)

8. Apocalypse; for all your reasons, it seemed like the most boring and unoriginal season to me.
7. Hotel; too much going on and the ending seemed forced and unsatisfying (also glorified all of the killers)
6. Roanoke; i enjoyed the premise for this season and how the 'found footage' trope unfurled, but bringing in so many sources seemed forced by the end to make the season lengthier.
5. Cult; i actually quite enjoyed the political plot but yeah, a lot of the plot points were iffy
4. Freakshow; very creative and i enjoyed a lot of the plotlines and characters, but not perfect (for the same reasons as you highlighted)
3. Murder House; of course, a cult classic and the start of an extremely hyped horror series to date, but not good in all its aspects.
2. Coven; entertaining despite not exactly being horror (i've come to expect actual 'horror' less and less with AHS)
1. Asylum; for exactly your same reasons :)

Комментарий от : Benjamin Alberts

Roslyn Marrero
Coven was my favorite one because I love witches I love New Orleans and the voodoo history . I hated hotel it was so extremely confusing to me lol
Комментарий от : Roslyn Marrero

Brianna Niemeier
unpopular opinion: asylum is overrated and not good at all
Комментарий от : Brianna Niemeier

Mariam Senghore
Asylum sucks😂
Комментарий от : Mariam Senghore

Gerardo Medina
I agree with Roanake in number 4, it was a very refreshing season after the debacle that hotel was
Комментарий от : Gerardo Medina

Ruth Presland
in your cult recaps at the end of the season you seemed to like a lot more and said you preferred it to freak show and would watch again - interesting how when we look back at stuff it can take a new perspective and place in our minds. I wonder if the more time that passes and we distance ourselves from being totally immersed in a story, the more accurate /objectively we can comment on how we felt about it
Комментарий от : Ruth Presland

Harry C
I know that a lot of people didn’t like Roanoke but it actually really enjoyed it besides it being a documentary
Комментарий от : Harry C

Kitty P
i didn't even know liking cult is an unpopular opinion. i watched it all in one night and i felt like the storyline was so insane i felt kinda crazy in the end i loved it haha
Комментарий от : Kitty P

Isabela Rost
I honestly feel like nobody really liked asylum, but omg it is the best season for so many reasons! i feel like there is so much to observe, i honestly love it so much ❤️
Комментарий от : Isabela Rost

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