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$1000 NinjaKilla vs Scar GRAND FINALS! | The C Initiative Tournament

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Информация о видео $1000 NinjaKilla vs Scar GRAND FINALS! | The C Initiative Tournament

Название :  $1000 NinjaKilla vs Scar GRAND FINALS! | The C Initiative Tournament
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 967729275525
Дата публикации :   20200707
Просмотры :   g({'EVENT_ID':
Понравилось :   1,207
Не понравилось :   25

Кадры из видео $1000 NinjaKilla vs Scar GRAND FINALS! | The C Initiative Tournament

NinjaKilla, Scar, GRAND, FINALS!, Initiative, Tournament,

Комментарии к видео $1000 NinjaKilla vs Scar GRAND FINALS! | The C Initiative Tournament

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Комментарий от : Mitsuownes

I hear a lot of sneak hating on my dude, Ninjakilla.
Комментарий от : MrChad1205

Toby Dude
Scar getting abused
Комментарий от : Toby Dude

Michael Lio
Great commentary for once, refreshing!
Комментарий от : Michael Lio

Love the commentator. Sparse & soothing.
Комментарий от : Bedbully

Elias kobu
5:13 bruce lee there.... Nice one
Комментарий от : Elias kobu

••Black Reaper••
Hope injustice 3 don't have these mechanics so boring
Комментарий от : ••Black Reaper••

Scar hasn’t been the same since he beat SonicFox
Комментарий от : D A

Mp4. Mp4
Tip: when kung lao teleports jump forward works for me, cant hit you at all
Комментарий от : Mp4. Mp4

NinjaSem Fama
Why liu it's easiest character bro change it
Комментарий от : NinjaSem Fama

Tiger Warrior
Kung Lao , wins 😁👍
Комментарий от : Tiger Warrior

Hotep Anthony
It's so painful being a Lao player.
You know he's bottom tier, but you suffer through it because he's so damn cool.

Комментарий от : Hotep Anthony

Milton Ireland
6:09 disrespect
Комментарий от : Milton Ireland

majin OJ
Many mistakes by scar
Комментарий от : majin OJ

Goonba King
Master at fast hands but his damage is very disappointing
Комментарий от : Goonba King

Too much jumping from Scar?
Комментарий от : a83crossover

Caleb Meale
Scar washed up
Комментарий от : Caleb Meale

JJ . Jones
Y’all add my PlayStation ID @prince_jj_jones1
Комментарий от : JJ . Jones

morison morison
Lao is hard play lao is better when play sample like foxy grampa
Комментарий от : morison morison

Tentaye Primo
I love Kung Lao but his strings suck so much.
Комментарий от : Tentaye Primo

That moment 5:00 where he cancels stance into zoning is insane
Комментарий от : bigdickjohnwick

William DROSE
Great game
Комментарий от : William DROSE

I looked at the video time. Shouldn't have done that...
Комментарий от : TruMusic89

Epic brose
Only if Sonicfox was here the man of comebacks
Комментарий от : Epic brose

Valdo Morais
Mk9 kung lao was a beast its so disappointing to see how the variation gimmick has push him down the beast tier list
Комментарий от : Valdo Morais

Damn MK11 is sooooo boring 🥺
Комментарий от : DAREAL CHEENO

Devil Jin
😂😂 ninja dick 😂 thé Chicken player Little kid boy 😀 fight you Chicken dot shot and grab Only sonic is best you hav to know that you nr 2 😂😀 ninjakilla kid😀
Комментарий от : Devil Jin

Lao buffs anyone?!?
Комментарий от : Jason

Mr Lesir
NK is just better
Комментарий от : Mr Lesir

Fachri Alfareza
Every set is at close. I kinda hoped Scar would win but winning against him is like an ordinary afternoon for Ninjakilla. One weakness that Scar has is that he doesn't have the patience to hit-confirm and hastily input the fatal blow
Комментарий от : Fachri Alfareza

Kevin Tarver
When this popped up in my notifications I said "let me stop rolling this blunt so I can watch two legends fight" respect to both ninjakilla and scar and hope to see you both in 2021's evo tournament, that is if they have mk11.
Комментарий от : Kevin Tarver

Nicholas Russell
I always just know ninja will win lol
Комментарий от : Nicholas Russell

Will Hasashi
Uppercut krushing blow is so lame and make the game dumb as fuck
Комментарий от : Will Hasashi

Toshi Neckventures
battle of the Shaolin Monks
Комментарий от : Toshi Neckventures

SteezyGaming _
How do you enter these
Комментарий от : SteezyGaming _

Roy Arkon
00:58 Just like a true Shaolin, Liu Kang became one with his fist and landed the Fatal Blow through Kung Lao's Razor Hat and at the right moment before the Teleport.
Комментарий от : Roy Arkon

Kicks Solid
When scar down 1’d into the fatal blow I left the chat
Комментарий от : Kicks Solid

Its Worm
I could beat them both
Комментарий от : Its Worm

Remember when Kung Lao had combos instead of throwing?
Комментарий от : VisceralVenom

Комментарий от : T7G_Rafux

igor silva
I hate liu kang
Комментарий от : igor silva

Awesome Videos. Ninjakilla and Scar is doing good 😁
Комментарий от : Suhail_Hafeez_Gaming

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