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DVG OLYMPICS DAY 2 *Can you spot the hidden medals?

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Информация о видео DVG OLYMPICS DAY 2 *Can you spot the hidden medals?

Название :  DVG OLYMPICS DAY 2 *Can you spot the hidden medals?
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 955785880048
Дата публикации :   20200701
Просмотры :   g({'EVENT_ID':
Понравилось :   1,005
Не понравилось :   30

Кадры из видео DVG OLYMPICS DAY 2 *Can you spot the hidden medals?

OLYMPICS, *Can, spot, hidden, medals?,

Комментарии к видео DVG OLYMPICS DAY 2 *Can you spot the hidden medals?

Bro it’s rhi’s Vlogs
Can. U pls give me the link to buy mercy
Комментарий от : Bro it’s rhi’s Vlogs

Manessa Kefel
Kaci did not touch the line
Комментарий от : Manessa Kefel

Emily Boxer
I’m so happy that I got the pink jumper and the new cartoon jumper I have been waiting till my parents said fine but I saved up money to buy both I have been begging for merch since they got it I have been watching them since there first ever video like if u are the same edit I just realised that this didn’t post when I watched so here it is
Комментарий от : Emily Boxer

Yusra Mohamed
I saw the gold medal on the door handle #dvgfam
Комментарий от : Yusra Mohamed

Eve Percey
I spotted the meadels but I don't have Insta
Комментарий от : Eve Percey

Emily Mingins
Are you gonna film Kaci’s birthday
Комментарий от : Emily Mingins

Angelic dovee
Комментарий от : Angelic dovee

Roblox Royals
Комментарий от : Roblox Royals

tom Yates
I don’t know achely🙃
Комментарий от : tom Yates

tom Yates
On the glass table
Комментарий от : tom Yates

Richard Starkey
This is how many people have subscribed to the DVG FAM👇🏼🦄
Комментарий от : Richard Starkey

Courtney_ Paull_06
This is so much fun to watch!! I love you!! ❤
Комментарий от : Courtney_ Paull_06

Lily Jane
One on the front door
Комментарий от : Lily Jane

Lily Jane
On Sophie neck

Комментарий от : Lily Jane

i found all medals but i dont have insta!
Комментарий от : myla

Georgia Creevy
You guys are amazing YouTubers
Комментарий от : Georgia Creevy

Holly Copley
Hi I love your vids 💖💖💖
Комментарий от : Holly Copley

Every one subscriber is us giving a hospital £10
You know
Shophie des she need support and don’t forget dfg fam keep strong with your videos

Комментарий от : Every one subscriber is us giving a hospital £10

Sarah Ayaz
everyone wearing their colours
Kaci: "Lets wear gray"

Комментарий от : Sarah Ayaz

Corina Wyllie
Please reply when is graces birthday my birthday is on October 29th
Комментарий от : Corina Wyllie

Aoife Mae Flanagan
Do you guys still have your hamster Mily ? Sorry maybe that isn’t their name of the pets name
Комментарий от : Aoife Mae Flanagan

Angela Carr
I don't have Instagram but I saw them all
Комментарий от : Angela Carr

Chizara Ugwu
I’m going for kaci
Комментарий от : Chizara Ugwu

Libby New
I love you so much I’m sorry I couldn’t find all three of the medals and post it on insta because I’m too young to have it 💕💕💕❤️❤️💕💕💕❤️❤️💕💕💕
Комментарий от : Libby New

Una Brady
Do ye answer your comments
Комментарий от : Una Brady

Linabeth Villarico
Still dont get how they're not at 1million yet
Комментарий от : Linabeth Villarico

Piggy The caterpillar
I don’t have ig so the medal is around Sophie neck at the top of the stairs
Комментарий от : Piggy The caterpillar

Hollie Lewis
Hi dvg you should do a live Q&A to see who knows you best x. Love you all stay safe x
Комментарий от : Hollie Lewis

Catherine O'Connor
at 8:31 Kaci and Sarah looked at each other....
Комментарий от : Catherine O'Connor

Charlie Shilson-Marsek
On the light switch
Комментарий от : Charlie Shilson-Marsek

christina Harrison
omg sophie has the firts one on lol xd
Комментарий от : christina Harrison

Amelia Dodds
Love you all so much ❤️
Комментарий от : Amelia Dodds

Leo Simons
They are so cringey😂😂😂😂
Комментарий от : Leo Simons

Jenny Dyson
Hi pls can you after lockdown do a video we’re you all right one thing on your bucket list and you all go and do it pls everyone like so they can see this
Комментарий от : Jenny Dyson

Caitlan Greene
At 9:27 Sara is pointing at the medal
Комментарий от : Caitlan Greene

I don't have insta but one was on the light switch DAD V GIRLS
Комментарий от : cazaroo76

Lily Whittaker
Dad V girls I'm your friend for you so stampy girls can you tell her I said hi Barbie Girl
Комментарий от : Lily Whittaker

Georgina Lop Mockler
I found all of the Madels
Комментарий от : Georgina Lop Mockler

Shaikha Aljuriwi
The metal was on the door nob

Love u guys 🥰

Комментарий от : Shaikha Aljuriwi

Teddy Lewis
I found the medal but someone else did before me
Комментарий от : Teddy Lewis

Teddy Lewis
This is how many people love DVG Olympics
Комментарий от : Teddy Lewis

Millie Smith
How are the comment still on?
Комментарий от : Millie Smith

Nicola Smith
Honestly u are my second fav you tubers
ily so much

Комментарий от : Nicola Smith

Joe Harrison
I love u guys 💙
Комментарий от : Joe Harrison

Hey dvg fammmm in the first round no hate but kaci started to slides then half why she walked then slides again
Комментарий от : Harleigh_Yt

Oren Iosepovici
Комментарий от : Oren Iosepovici

Sub to Pewdiepie
I was playing fetch with my puppy while watching this and teaching him to drop the toy so I can throw it back 4:42 Me: Drop the DOOR
Комментарий от : Sub to Pewdiepie

evie martin
The points are of in this kaci came first and then last with grace and grace came last twice
Комментарий от : evie martin

hellooo !! i just started youtube :( pls support , it’s my first video so you can tell me how to improve :>
Комментарий от : norleepop

Jodi Smith
One of the medels where on the door and another one is by the clock at the end
Комментарий от : Jodi Smith

Ella Armstrong
Love us 💎👑💋💙💜😍🌼
Комментарий от : Ella Armstrong

Jessica Flower
Комментарий от : Jessica Flower

Will Cotton
Plz can I have a shout out when ur next live for 1million dvg fam
Комментарий от : Will Cotton

Will Cotton
Ur the best you tubers
Комментарий от : Will Cotton

Ruby Bunting
I love you guys you’re my favourite YouTuber I try to see if you post every day and Chloe is so cute and beautiful
Комментарий от : Ruby Bunting

ET Crafter
I don’t have Instagram but I think the medal was when Sophie was holding it! It was around 7:45 I think!
Комментарий от : ET Crafter

Spencer Moore [Student]
4:32 😉
Комментарий от : Spencer Moore [Student]

Lucy Waterhouse
On the door!!!
Комментарий от : Lucy Waterhouse

Cameron Bell
Can you please look at my personal messages that i sent youon instagram please @cameron_222. it would mean a lot.
Комментарий от : Cameron Bell

Harry Partington
Комментарий от : Harry Partington

pinky Licouse
At the start your forgot to put in grace
Комментарий от : pinky Licouse

Kathleen O'Callaghan
Go team grace and kaci
Комментарий от : Kathleen O'Callaghan

Kathleen O'Callaghan
I love dvg fam
Комментарий от : Kathleen O'Callaghan

Abigail Harrop
Hey Conner family, my name is Abigail harrop and I am one of your biggest fans, but there is one person who is a bigger fan than me and that is my best friend Erin Smith. She absolutely loves your channel just like me. Your an amazing family and your so funny. I have had a really good idea for you guys to do when you get out of lockdown to do a Caleb with Lilly and rely. Once again I Love your channel please use this idea and give me and my friend a shout out please. Love you guy's xxxxxxxxx
Комментарий от : Abigail Harrop

Rock n roll Roblox
Poor Grace she lost I hope you win next time Grace!
Комментарий от : Rock n roll Roblox

Ellie Hall
Who loves the DVG
Комментарий от : Ellie Hall

Katie King
Great video!!
Комментарий от : Katie King

Payton Eileen
there was one on the door when kaci went a second time for sock slide
Комментарий от : Payton Eileen

Honey Odell vlogs
I saw a medal but I don’t have insta ☹️ it was at the end
Комментарий от : Honey Odell vlogs

Honey Odell vlogs
Who loves dvg better than me


Комментарий от : Honey Odell vlogs

Shay Carroll
I can’t get the merch ☹️🥺😩😬😢😢😢😢😢😢
Комментарий от : Shay Carroll

kate david
Kaci trying to make it to the door

Grace : They're my socks

Love you guys so much xx

Комментарий от : kate david

Jessie Childs
I dont have insta😢p.s love you all❤😁
Комментарий от : Jessie Childs

The Costy and Bunny Show
This is how many people love DGV FAM
Комментарий от : The Costy and Bunny Show

Cerys Quinn
I found a hidden medle hanging on the wall at the end of the video
Комментарий от : Cerys Quinn

Medals : 🥇
1.) Sophie
2.) Under the clock
3.) On door handle

Комментарий от : Retard

Unicorn Ellie
I saw all the medals 🥇
Комментарий от : Unicorn Ellie

Cerys Quinn
Hi dvg fam my daughter loves your videos
Комментарий от : Cerys Quinn

Scarlett Dilley
I love you guys please reply 🥺
Комментарий от : Scarlett Dilley

Grace Lily
I would buy some merch but I haven't got any money xx
Комментарий от : Grace Lily

Ant Payne
Omg u love u!
Комментарий от : Ant Payne

Life of dance Jezel
I love that they say experts them it’s either Chloe or Sophie so cuteeeeeeeee
Комментарий от : Life of dance Jezel

Lykke Wermskog
This is so cool. Love you guys. I hope Kaci or Grace wins. But i think Joel wins. #dvgfam
Комментарий от : Lykke Wermskog

ema pineda
9:30 there a medal i dont have ig
Комментарий от : ema pineda

Joshua Marks
Yo DvG fam
Комментарий от : Joshua Marks

FleXz Clan : F1nlay876
It’s not cm it’s mm
Комментарий от : FleXz Clan : F1nlay876

Addisyn Lena
I found all three one was on the door handle one was on your wrist and one was underneath the clock
Комментарий от : Addisyn Lena

Loola Mohammed
Sorry I could not spot the hidden medals
Комментарий от : Loola Mohammed

ii.niikolax R
Found the medal in this and last video!
Комментарий от : ii.niikolax R

Erin Osmon
love you guys
Комментарий от : Erin Osmon

I have been watching u for about 2 years
Комментарий от : DABBIN_TURTLE

I really want to win and I found all of them
Комментарий от : DABBIN_TURTLE

Oluwakemi Adeleye
Kaci’s slide was so funny lol
Комментарий от : Oluwakemi Adeleye

Oluwakemi Adeleye
I saw the medal on the door at 7:50 minutes when Kaci was sliding
Комментарий от : Oluwakemi Adeleye

Alexandra Flaherty-Weeks
Love you guys!Wish I could have the merch but I don't have enough money!
Комментарий от : Alexandra Flaherty-Weeks

Savannah & zarna Proud Nola
This is how many people love the dvg fam


Комментарий от : Savannah & zarna Proud Nola

Fiona Fletcher
You are amazing! I'm your biggest fan! This is my mum's account btw
Комментарий от : Fiona Fletcher

Amy's Pets
This is how many people love DVD fam


Комментарий от : Amy's Pets

Razan Allen
7:35 is were the medal is Sofie is wearing it
Комментарий от : Razan Allen

faith love
you guys was on the today show in the u.s
Комментарий от : faith love

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