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Пользователь :  id 701811574563
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Понравилось :   802
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Cinematic Captures
If you enjoyed this proof of concept short film and want to see more like it, consider supporting me on Patreon. I've been learning Virtual Production filmmaking inside Unreal Engine 4 for just over a month now and I'd love to be able to work on more. If this is something that interests you... Leaving a sub, share or donation goes a long way.
𝗣𝗮𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗼𝗻: www.patreon.com/Cinematicaptures

Комментарий от : Cinematic Captures

This is amazing!
Комментарий от : FretkaDraveN

Félix Roberto Etombadyambo
Amazing masterpiece
Комментарий от : Félix Roberto Etombadyambo

Cat Fish
Amazing! Really well done keep going!!
Комментарий от : Cat Fish

Wait What
1:44 homie was just watching the sunset over a greatful universe and then Captain Ma- i mean the Inquisitor came to fold him wtf
Комментарий от : Wait What

TheStarInfo தமிழ்
Dang it could have took months of creating , liked it
Комментарий от : TheStarInfo தமிழ்

The 808
whos here from bombastics vid
Комментарий от : The 808

is this one of the mocap projects?
Комментарий от : TheGamingGeek

TheStarInfo தமிழ்
One of the realistic rodian i seen
Комментарий от : TheStarInfo தமிழ்

mark kek
Я ломал стеклооо
Комментарий от : mark kek

Mauricio Rosas
This two minutes have more action than last Disney’s trilogy.
Комментарий от : Mauricio Rosas

Bostonian Newyorker
I bet the dislikes are from people complaining about the voice actor
Комментарий от : Bostonian Newyorker

K issii
Комментарий от : K issii

Coriantum Pacumeni
0:57 Is that a GMod run???
Комментарий от : Coriantum Pacumeni

Patrick Stewart
I give it a 10. Scene 38 reimagined was a 9.9. This is a 10 all day.
Комментарий от : Patrick Stewart

Steev Rawjers
the clones were truly victims of politics in the war
and story of the clones is another tragedy in the story of Star wars they were pawns created and raised and trained for the sole purpose of being used and then disposed of for political ends

Комментарий от : Steev Rawjers

Mike Tython
Nice animation but the jedi would never have known that they were going to fire on him if they just fired immediately
Комментарий от : Mike Tython

Комментарий от : E.T

goop1105 goop
This is the best editing I've ever seen
Комментарий от : goop1105 goop

Well Silver
Комментарий от : Well Silver

Cameron Irvine
Комментарий от : Cameron Irvine

Nice to see an alien main character for once. We need more of that in SW, in both movies, series and games.
Комментарий от : EccentricM

The gunship pilots were probably freaking out in the cockpit. Haha
Комментарий от : Sondorism

OxY -Brawl
Damn I bet he i max level at gameş
Комментарий от : OxY -Brawl

Isnt this jfo(jedi fallen order)?
Комментарий от : lukas

Greedo ain't playing! LOL
Комментарий от : Kaneseb

zidnialfarezel syarif
she is trila
Комментарий от : zidnialfarezel syarif

Logan Kerr
No it should just be called 66
Комментарий от : Logan Kerr

A.S. 723
Greedo slashed first
Комментарий от : A.S. 723

Oliwer Mattsson
I thoutght it was Darth vader when the cape was showed
Комментарий от : Oliwer Mattsson

Mitchel Reidy
1:47 oh no is that 2nd Sister
Комментарий от : Mitchel Reidy

Gurry l.
3 в японии
Комментарий от : Gurry l.

X Doctor
The story about Order 66 is very sad!
Комментарий от : X Doctor

Speedy Gonza 007 productions
That was the best the second sister I wasn’t expecting that.
Комментарий от : Speedy Gonza 007 productions

Rolly Knighty
He is no Jedi, he is Greedo
Комментарий от : Rolly Knighty

Please tell me there's a part two planned! So well done and so amazing :D I want to see more of this Rodian badass on the run :)
Комментарий от : KurenTV

David Rowe
stop making the jokes about the jedi there he only killed 4 man
Комментарий от : David Rowe

El Cid
So much better than Disney
Комментарий от : El Cid

Pranav Sudheer
But the last trooper died brutally. That’s not the way of the Jedi right?
Комментарий от : Pranav Sudheer

Umarak Gaming
One of the best animation i have seen,well done
Комментарий от : Umarak Gaming

Will Hamilton
1:34 Ok it looks nice, but what’s the point???


Комментарий от : Will Hamilton

Dud3 itsj3ff
I dont really think a Jedi would so mercilessly kill clones like that, without knowing why they were doing what they were.... just my opinion, it looked amazing though.
Комментарий от : Dud3 itsj3ff

1 Million Views, CONGRATS !
Комментарий от : 与火Samfire

Well out of nowhere...HELLO TRILLA!
Комментарий от : Jethyboi

David Rowe
I Would Enjoy It If You Made Clone Wars Anakin And Obi-Wan Models From Season 7 And Make A Clone Wars Anakin Vs Obi Wan I Know No One Would See This But Im Hopeful (btw dont judge the profile its my dads account if it wasnt for him id be called darth cough and be darth maul with a mask over his mouth but that right there is me as a f-ing 3 year old and it still annoys me after like 8 years after the picture was taken also dont have a buzz cut anymore its mop now so dont judge it ok?)
Комментарий от : David Rowe

UND mayamilo01
10/10 would see again
Комментарий от : UND mayamilo01

Matt The FakeDragon
Why did he pull that last clone to him to empale?? That is not something the average Jedi would do! There was no reason
Комментарий от : Matt The FakeDragon

Steven Viro
How did he do this animation?
Комментарий от : Steven Viro

Ed Shaw
clearly inspired by fallen order
Комментарий от : Ed Shaw

Only The Squad Designs
Tyron Magnus sent me.! Amazon work.
Комментарий от : Only The Squad Designs

Vinny Vinvin
I like how the second sister shows up at the end, You basically know that he's going to be one of the Jedi killed by the second sister.
Комментарий от : Vinny Vinvin

Disney: “this is outrages, it’s unfair, how could one not have as much cgi as us but still make better content?”
Комментарий от : Magic

Deven J
I wish the troopers had laser marks from where they got they’re own laser shot back at them and that one dude that got sliced from the saber
Комментарий от : Deven J

Very Well Done!!!
Комментарий от : hornet718

Is that the female inquisitor from rebels at the end?
Комментарий от : 만的다你안好

Комментарий от : ボノック

Antonio Mares
0:47 Poor clone trooper about to see his fate
Комментарий от : Antonio Mares

Blue-Eyes White Swagg'n
Комментарий от : Blue-Eyes White Swagg'n

Roland Irisarri
Комментарий от : Roland Irisarri

Michael Havemann
Best beleive if i was a jedi those storm troopers are about to get these hands
Комментарий от : Michael Havemann

RayMan 7582
The time has come. Execute Order 66

Clones: No

Комментарий от : RayMan 7582

Pretty cool only complaint I have is the lightsaber didn’t seem to leave any traces
Комментарий от : Shbae

Are we sure that Rodian wasn't a Sith? The way he killed the last clone trooper was a bit dark.
Комментарий от : Ahardgamesnight

daisy lago
Комментарий от : daisy lago

「Lazy Rah」
Other Jedi: We're keepers of the peace, not soldiers.

Rosaan: Excuse me but what was that about being soldiers

Комментарий от : 「Lazy Rah」

Awesome. A mastrpiece.
Комментарий от : RagingRobloxian

JuggernautUSAdotcom Huron
AWESOME! EXCELLENT keep it coming!
Комментарий от : JuggernautUSAdotcom Huron

When 1 jedi needs 3 inquisitors to take care of him but for Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra you send one or two lmao
Комментарий от : Child

Bryan Fury
Лучше чем 7-8-9 эпизоды от ушастого.
Комментарий от : Bryan Fury

This is the star wars we needed but didnt get
Комментарий от : Haruglory131

Poor last clone looked at all his dead brothers and the jedi just full up destroys him bruh
Комментарий от : Broyogurt

Frederik de Maré
This pretty much shows that the empire was right, because he killed a single clone whom had stopped shooting. (I know that doesn’t prove that the empire was right but there has been made a number of “why the empire was right” videos that talks about this topic)
Комментарий от : Frederik de Maré

Kinda brutal for a Jedi who's not supposed to know what just happened
Комментарий от : Alrian

Sagar Kamireddy
Second Sister Inquisitor.
Комментарий от : Sagar Kamireddy

seongjoon lim
I guess that Jedi survive and Han will shot first.
Комментарий от : seongjoon lim

Wach the vidéo on youtube hit de cette annonce qui a été annulée sur le champ par l'esprit saint en aout 2015. Prévenir and thank you share vidéo.
Комментарий от : V BEL

John Doe
The whole film somehow reminded me of Jedi Fallen Order
Комментарий от : John Doe

Кирилл Гончар
Комментарий от : Кирилл Гончар

That jedi was way over agressive, he fought like a sith, good video tho.
Комментарий от : BlackPalanka

Cool; Trilla's in this.
Комментарий от : Multifunfunman

Barão Baroni
Amazing!! Thanks!!
Комментарий от : Barão Baroni

Jonas Music
Best Star Wars short film I have ever seen. Amazing visuals. That shot with the sunset at the beginning and ending is absolutely beautiful
Комментарий от : Jonas Music

Julian Martinez
great animation
Комментарий от : Julian Martinez

london grinstead
It looked good but idk I could feel somthing was off like things didint connect maybe it was the animation it felt like some things were sped up so you didint have to animate as many frames? It looked good over all tho so great job!
Комментарий от : london grinstead

dildo baggins
SW theory please cover this...
Комментарий от : dildo baggins

Could use some gloss black on the eyes, but other than that, it's very good!
Комментарий от : Locomotionlotion

Laurentius Maximus
Epic - thanks for releasing this
Комментарий от : Laurentius Maximus

Darth yoda
Good animation
Комментарий от : Darth yoda

Andrea Lovato

Комментарий от : Andrea Lovato

Fat Zeke
Комментарий от : Fat Zeke

Awesome photography! Great production! Aweful directing :C
Комментарий от : Nicolas

Lawson Tucker
That’s the second sister
Комментарий от : Lawson Tucker

Counting the days before disney officially takes this down.

Isaac Altman
a reason i believe the Jedi killed the clones with out remorse i because ether he just was assigned to them or did not have a connection ether one is possible due to the clones not having any markings
Комментарий от : Isaac Altman

1:10 хфхыыэыыхыхахахв
Комментарий от : _NONAME_

Roman Cool
Where is the blood and the wounds on the bodies ? This video is shitty and not interesting
Комментарий от : Roman Cool

Hugo Cathonnet
ouah ! j'adore ! trop stylé !
Комментарий от : Hugo Cathonnet

Zac Woller Voice Ninja
“The time has come...”

“Execute Order 66.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Yes, Lord Sidious.”

“It will be done my Lord.”

Комментарий от : Zac Woller Voice Ninja

Michael Tsang
When the Purge Troopers and Second Sister showed up, I realized that death by clones is a more peaceful end. For death is instant.
Комментарий от : Michael Tsang

arty andrews
Комментарий от : arty andrews

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