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Every American Horror Story Season RANKED

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Информация о видео Every American Horror Story Season RANKED

Название :  Every American Horror Story Season RANKED
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 756526655648
Дата публикации :   20200709
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Понравилось :   1,042
Не понравилось :   41

Кадры из видео Every American Horror Story Season RANKED

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Комментарии к видео Every American Horror Story Season RANKED

Obsidian Wildfire
My Ranking
1. Asylum
2. Freak show
3. Murder House
4. Hotel
5. 1984
6. Roanoke
7. Coven
8. Cult
9. Apocalypse

Комментарий от : Obsidian Wildfire

Julian Malibiran
I think im the only one that forgot roanoke happenned
Комментарий от : Julian Malibiran

FTW _KingCrimson
49 seconds in and it’s already wrong, this has to be a record man
Комментарий от : FTW _KingCrimson

Virginia Davis
Bro they really put coven at 4? it should be murder house, coven, asylum, freakshow, cult, 1984, hotel, apocalypse, roanoke. but i still enjoyed all of them
Комментарий от : Virginia Davis

Anne Felices
Asylum has always been my favourite ever ❤❤❤
Комментарий от : Anne Felices

Ethan NO
For me:
9. Asylum
8. Cult
7. Roanoke
6. Hotel
5. Murder House
4. 1989
3. Freak Show
2. Apocalypse
1. Coven

Комментарий от : Ethan NO

Binx Witch
Switch Roanoke with Freakshow and coven before Roanoke
Комментарий от : Binx Witch

Brittanica Tank
I hated asylum
Комментарий от : Brittanica Tank

zauren kid
My favorite is murder house but I have to admit Asylum is the best season
Комментарий от : zauren kid

Andrew Knepper
The right wings terrorism? The hell look at what the left have done
Комментарий от : Andrew Knepper

is it just me who found that apocalypse kinda dragged along after they killed everyone in outpost 3 but it was still good
Комментарий от : bash

Can we all point out freak show was the best season. They had the scariest villain ( the clown with no jaw ) they had dandy who was very spoiled, mental and overall the storyline 2 that season was just very good. It’s meant to say it’s better to be ugly on the outside then on the inside
Комментарий от : A2L

Ronald Sigua
cult was the best season hands down 🥰.
Комментарий от : Ronald Sigua

Tonya Atkinson
I cant have a top 3. I need a top 4. I probably would put more thought on this that what I would name my first child!! Let me try... Asylum, Coven, Roanoke, Murder House tied with Hotel.... Its just too hard!
Комментарий от : Tonya Atkinson

Abbi May
Unpopular opinion: Hotel was the best season 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Комментарий от : Abbi May

Rebecca Hopkins
Thanks for your video! Ok, so I’m fully prepared for no one to agree with my list of best and worst, but that’s ok because I stand by it. Here is my ranking, from worst to best:
9) Hotel-it’s all over the place, unfocused, terrible writing, with a scattered non-cohesive plot and characters I didn’t care about at all. And at times the season was boring as, forgive the pun, boring as hell. For me, the only redeeming things from this season were 1) The costumes. They were fierce. Especially The Countess’s outfits. 2) I did love the character Liz Taylor and the actor’s performance was very good. Other than that it sucked. Big time. The absences of Jessica Lange and Angela B. were glaringly felt and the show suffered for it. It’s the only season of AHS I’ve only watched once; while on my phone a lot of the episodes 🤣.
8) Cult-I get it from the perspective of a cultural and political statement reflecting on the current political and social climate in the US right now and in 2016 right after the Presidential election. And it was an interesting take and twist, I’ll give it that. But I hated the way it portrayed the disintegration of a lesbian relationship and subsequent betrayal rooted in differing voting preferences. STUPID. As a lesbian I can say 💯 that lesbians couples have relationships where they don’t agree on everything, including politics, and they may even vote differently, BUT IT NEVER RESULTS IN ONE GASLIGHTING THE OTHER AND JOINING A CULT TO KILL THEIR PARTNER WHO, GASP, VOTED FOR JILL STIEN 🤦‍♀️. In reality, those differing couples are usually very happy together. It just really irritated the heck out of me. The characters were very one dimensional. And the numerous phobias thing was a bit much. Holes? REALLY??? 😐 Lastly, and this is a big one-it contained no supernatural elements or much horror at all. NO SUPERNATURAL ANYTHING IN THE WHOLE SEASON. It’s like come on, THIS IS AHS, NOT NCIS! This season overall just didn’t do it for me.
7) This is were it starts to get hard to choose. But I think I’ll go with the newest season here. And that would be 1984. I liked a lot of it. I disliked a lot of it. Think I’ll just leave it a that.
6) This choice will earn me a lot of haters but I’m going with Murder House. Yep. The holy grail season. And not because it isn’t good. But because everybody dies. It’s also Not scary and not campy. It just kind of is. It becomes muddled and boring in places, and has a pacing problem. The twist of Violet being dead was awesome. But everyone dying by the end and no one getting any closure was bleak. Also I always thought the character of Moira should have been cutting guys P words off in the afterlife not trying to seduce men (which she never did when she was alive) and continuing to “service” the man who tried to rape her and who was ultimately responsible-in part -for her own death. Just wasn’t consistent with the character. Lastly-I had a problem with how stupid the adult family members were. Forget money. It became a matter of sanity and their child’s safety. SO WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST LEAVE?? 🤔
5) Freak Show. It’s a solid season. It has a Great misunderstood, tragic, scary villain in Twisty. Dandy was a psychopathic Force to be reckoned with and still a whiny brat of a little boy. All of the performances were fantastic and I loved all the characters. It also tied in Pepper’s and Hans Gruber’s stories in the AHS universe brilliantly. Thoroughly loved how they did the cross over and their back stories. It was also the swan song season for Ms. Jessica Lange, and boy did she deliver, despite the distraction of performed songs from a completely different time period. Despite that, Her performance as Elsa Mars was absolutely brilliant, from start to finish. She owned that character and was tragically beautiful, flawed and broken. Jessica’s performance was truly fierce, and she’s a queen in this season. Her ending, with Mordrake coming for her after all those years, was very fitting. I Really loved this season a lot. It does have some pacing issues though and at times feels over the top, with the completely out of place insertion of modern songs taking the viewer out of the time period, and the slightly exploitive use of the “freaks”. But over all it’s an solid, engrossing season.
4) Roanoke. The mythology of the lost colony, the way it’s presented in a “reenactment” then reality tv” format, the performances and the sheer and utter horror makes this a season that stands out in all the best ways. Some people hate it. But it’s actually kind of a horror masterpiece. It flips the script half way through, and ups the anti on Chainsaw Massacre-esque insanity and madness, and has some unexpected and shocking twists (Shelby ends up being the one that bashes his head in and kills him in a jealous rage??? Holy sh*t). It’s also the scariest AHS season of them all. It Has some utterly terrifying, haunting stuff. I had to turn more lights on a couple times throughout watching the season. I also live on land that has woods directly behind it. Yeah. It made me a little paranoid 😂 It’s also brutal and very dark. But it’s a season that truly represents the best of horror, and what horror is all about.
3) Apocalypse. The one that brings it all
Together. This season was a love letter to the fans. It gave us what we wanted. A trip to revisit characters we loved, and some we loved to hate, and we finally got some answers as to what happened after those seasons ended. It was very well done. Enjoyed the plot, the premise, the twists and surprises, the characters that we got to see again, the new characters, the ending and the fine performances from all. Ryan even gave us Stevie Nicks again!! It’s number three for all of the cohesiveness it gave in tying in seasons past. And Sarah Paulson is FIERCE in this season as Supreme Cordelia Goode.
2) Coven. What can I say about this season. It’s so near and dear to my heart. It’s a divisive season though; people either love it or hate it. I fall in the latter category. Think it’s safe to say I love everything about it. And I rewatch this season a couple times a year, just to revisit that world and see characters I love. Angela Basset is wickedly good. Kathy Bates is pitch perfect. Sarah and Jessica, you will always be my supremes.
1) Asylum. It’s simply the best. And not just in the AHS world; but one of the best seasons in all of television. It’s an absolutely perfect season. It has it all. Just the right balance of horror, mystery, drama, the supernatural, historical accuracy in the mental health practices of its time period, despair and hope. And the performances are stunning. Also, it’s sprawling time span could have gone horribly wrong and turned into a hot mess. But instead it becomes full on epic, even iconic, in its portrayal of spanning decades. Asylum is Concise, cohesive, with a strong plot and terrific pacing; you simply can’t look away. More so it’s full of some of the best performances AHS and company have ever given. The Awards and Award nominations the actors and this season received were richly deserved. The writing is deft and provocative, original and engrossing. The plot, sub plot, and epic showdowns are riveting. The message that healing is only found in forgiveness is very profound and honest. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot your psycho breast milk obsessed serial killer son in the head when he comes to kill you 🤣. This season is not only edge of your seat, scary and horrific, brutal and twisted, smart and tinged with, sadly, some real history of mental health treatments from the time period, tragic and engrossing, but this season makes you truly care about the characters, and one becomes invested in what happens to them. Some get their just deserts. Some unjustly die. Some get love, closure and happiness. Some do not. But It simply doesn’t get any better than this people. 👍

Комментарий от : Rebecca Hopkins

Bitch please. "Freak Show" was the WORST season by far and everyone I know feels the same. The acting was crap, I got really tired of Jessica Lange being the only one to play the exact same role over and over again and it was boring as fuck.

Here is my top 3:
1. Apocalypse (I hated Coven for feeling incomplete but this one was a great continuation and brought back satan's son so it was exactly what I longed for ever since the very first season! Not to forget it had the best humor and the dialogues were more enjoyable than ever before.)
2. Roanoke (the only season that lived up to the word "Horror" in the series' title and you are really fucked up for ranking this the lowest! It was so exciting from start to end!)
3. Asylum (used to be my number one for a very long time)

Комментарий от : ulxTIMxate

Incognito Ogilvie 2.0
People should like hotel more I loved it
Комментарий от : Incognito Ogilvie 2.0

dan westerberg
Ehh switch Roanoke and Cult, then put 1984 at the top.
Комментарий от : dan westerberg

hi guys
1. Coven
3.Murder house

Комментарий от : hi guys

hi guys
coven was the best Stevie Nicks was in it
Комментарий от : hi guys

Sri Wartuti
hotel is the best omg
Комментарий от : Sri Wartuti

AK vids
I disagree with everything
Комментарий от : AK vids

Drawing Dwarf
I enjoyed every seasons except Apocalypse and Roanoke. I thought Apocalypse was just bad and Roanoke boring....
Комментарий от : Drawing Dwarf

Ye Ye
Coven ranked number 5, y’all have no taste
Комментарий от : Ye Ye

Hector Rodriguez
1. Asylum
2. Roanoke
3. Hotel

Комментарий от : Hector Rodriguez

Earwax and Eggs
ahs 1984 is the best season idc
Комментарий от : Earwax and Eggs

Elvin Colon
Flip asylum and apocalypse and I’ll say this is good
Комментарий от : Elvin Colon

Ty Jameson
Coven was horrible, there is something wrong with you if you liked it
Комментарий от : Ty Jameson

Комментарий от : Atum

Randy Gray
Redo this awful list
Комментарий от : Randy Gray

Cuddle Bug

You guys gonna put Asylum at the top (which is well deserved)...

And not mention Evan Peters?

Комментарий от : Cuddle Bug

•Lovely •
I liked the first three episodes of Apocalypse. I enjoyed how much everyone was complaining and stuff. Yeah, I still enjoyed the rest of the season but Idk. I also like asylum, cult, and sort of liked coven. My least favorite was probably Murder House or Freak Show. Both were really boring to me, and I never really finished Freak Show cause I just didn’t really care about how it was gonna end.
Комментарий от : •Lovely •

Nikki Liv
Coven is the best season ♡

Комментарий от : Nikki Liv

Dea Robles
I'm here because I miss Jessica Lange😔
Комментарий от : Dea Robles

Adrien Mosley
I would definitely put Cult at #1 instead of 5
Комментарий от : Adrien Mosley

hm ata
i feel like whoever made this video didnt really understand roanoke...........................
Комментарий от : hm ata

Put hotel at 8th not roanoke!!!
Комментарий от : Pepper

Roanoke is so underrated tf!!!
Комментарий от : Pepper

Gabriela Zarod
sorry but roanoak should be like 3rd
Комментарий от : Gabriela Zarod

GautamS 123
Roanoke, according to me, was one of the best seasons of AHS ! The best was Asylum.
Комментарий от : GautamS 123

Sarah Brown
lady gaga and cuba was🤢 Angela and evan 🤢
Комментарий от : Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown
hotel was the best lady gaga and Angela Bassett gettin it on was🔥😍😍😍😍
Комментарий от : Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown
1984 was THE WORST season ever. No original characters at all
Комментарий от : Sarah Brown

Lauren Daley
I liked coven, it was my personal favorite season.
Комментарий от : Lauren Daley

megan gray
my top 3: 1. Coven 2. Murder House 3. Roanoke
Комментарий от : megan gray

Swift Sole
I’m shook asf as to how Murder House didn’t get #1 and Coven was only #4
Комментарий от : Swift Sole

Sam Lightner
my rank would be
murder house
freak show

Комментарий от : Sam Lightner

Muskan Dua
Ahs apocalypse full episode on my channel go watch
Комментарий от : Muskan Dua

Call me weird but freak show was my favourite season, they really experimented with this season
Комментарий от : Cf

James Noto
I was hoping Election would be listed as worst. I hated that season... The characters just seemed super annoying to me.
Комментарий от : James Noto

Katie S
I really liked Roanoke! Id say Roanoke beats freak show, cult AND hotel
Комментарий от : Katie S

Jesse Collins
If you look up terrorism on Wikipedia in the United States it consist 100% according to Wikipedia of right wing terrorism and Islamic terrorism lol so essentially any terrorism the size Islamic terrorism is going to be categorized as right wing terrorism. Weird huh? It’s like it’s entirely full of crap.
Комментарий от : Jesse Collins

Jesse Collins
Due to the rise of right wing terrorism? Is this channel absolutely retarded? Oh yes it is. That’s why I unsubscribe because it was pooping on capitalism lol The channel weathers bad taste in economics ideologies would have a list so terrible as well lol also, The so-called half of people that were terrified after Donald Trump one or delusional or mentally ill. You were genuinely one of those if you were terrified. Left wing ideology truly is cancer... that’s not true. I would 100% rather have cancer than the left wing. Yes I’ve had a very close relatives die of cancer.
Комментарий от : Jesse Collins

Ronnel Victor Kilat
Nothing beats Asylum! I repeat, Nothing beats Asylum!!!!!!!
Комментарий от : Ronnel Victor Kilat

Magdalena Nuszczyk
My top

8. Roanoke
7. Cult
6. Hotel
5. Coven
4. Apocalypse
3. Murder House
2. Asylum
1. Freak Show

Комментарий от : Magdalena Nuszczyk

Nathan Hwang
any Roanoke enthusiasts? I really love that season i felt bad seeing this here last
Комментарий от : Nathan Hwang

Mateusz Powierski
Комментарий от : Mateusz Powierski

Erica Redmond
am i the only one who loved cult, to me it was so good because like it wasn’t scary supernatural wise it’s scary realistically cause that stuff happens irl, but also evans acting as kai is one of the best roles i’ve seen him play
Комментарий от : Erica Redmond

Joe Ertman
1.) Asylum
2.) 1984
3.) Roanoke
4.) Murder House
5.) Coven
6.) Freak Show
7.) Hotel
8.) Cult
9.) Apocalypse

Комментарий от : Joe Ertman

Joe Ertman
Apocalypse should be worst
Комментарий от : Joe Ertman

Will Anson
Adina porter is amazing
Комментарий от : Will Anson

Vicky Barfoot
Coven and Hotel are my faves but I love all of the seasons no cap
Комментарий от : Vicky Barfoot

Martín Pintus
Coven is the best one!
Комментарий от : Martín Pintus

Farren Amarah
1. Freak Show
2. Coven
3. 1984
4. Murder house
5. Apocalypse
6. Hotel
7. Asylum
8. Cult
9. Roanoke

Комментарий от : Farren Amarah

Asylum is my favorite but I don’t know why so many people hate freakshow
Комментарий от : goatcream

violet whitehorn
They rlly put Roanoke last over apocalypse why...just why
Комментарий от : violet whitehorn

Salty Weaboo Kid
Im only on season 1 and this show is great so far and i don't wanna watch this vid cuz of spoilers but it looks so goodddddddddddddddddd
Комментарий от : Salty Weaboo Kid

ridiculous calling asylum the best season
Комментарий от : liv

Milky_ Moo
Hotel deserves more justice every episode was interesting in its own right with or without Jessica Lange!
Miss her in the series though

Комментарий от : Milky_ Moo

Mark Sterling
AHS 1984
Комментарий от : Mark Sterling

Ale De La Fuente
A lot of people disagree with me when I say this, but freak show, apocalypse and hotel in my opinion are criminally underrated! Yes, they have some flaws, but I still really enjoyed those seasons.
Комментарий от : Ale De La Fuente

Ikan Pesutt
Asylum's worst part is too much Kit+Grace/Alma because their story didn't fit in the story of an asylum based on religion. Honestly the alien story ruined the season for me...
Комментарий от : Ikan Pesutt

NIKA - I very love s*x
really like 👏
Комментарий от : NIKA - I very love s*x

dior miniskirt
i rlly liked roanoke. despite the ending i liked the twist in the middle of the season and the tv show within a show aspect
Комментарий от : dior miniskirt

Salad Pizza Restaurant
1. Freak show
2. Hotel
3. Asylum
4. Murder house
5. Roanoke
6. Cult
7. Apocalypse
8. Coven

Комментарий от : Salad Pizza Restaurant

Sam Calc
Disclaimer: Hotel and Murder House swap literally every 2 seconds

1. Coven - 101%
2. Asylum - 99%

A M A Z I N G:
3. 1984 - 97%
4. Freak Show - 95%
5. Apocalypse - 89%

V E R Y G O O D:
6. Hotel - 85%
7. Murder House - 82%
8. Cult - 75%

G A R B A G E:
9. Roanoke - 23%

Комментарий от : Sam Calc

Luke Timmel
I lowkey really liked Roanoke...
Комментарий от : Luke Timmel

Julia Parker
Characters in coven were prime.
Комментарий от : Julia Parker

Can’t get any worse than Roanoke.
Комментарий от : KillaCrossover318

Daniel Knepp
Freak show at 3! That’s a little out there.
Комментарий от : Daniel Knepp

TeaZea YT
I watched all of season 2 when high, I tr was an interesting experience
Комментарий от : TeaZea YT

Will Hanson
I love that the beauty of the show is that everyone’s list is different. Some love one season and some else hates it. I love them all in their own way. But Asylum really is a masterpiece
Комментарий от : Will Hanson

Cheerrr Crazy
Am I the only one that didn’t really like asylum
Комментарий от : Cheerrr Crazy

Denise Fischer
My opinion it should rank as such
#8 season 7 Cult(my least favorite)
#7 season 6 Roanoke
#6 season 8 Apocalypse
#5 season 3 Coven
#4 season 5 Hotel
#3 season 1 Murder House
#2 season 4 Freak Show
#1 season 2 Asylum

Комментарий от : Denise Fischer

Roanoke deserved more, cult can go all the way in the back
Комментарий от : Daan

number 1: Murder House
number 2: Coven
number 3: Asylum

Комментарий от : JayBands

•murder house

Комментарий от : Ratatata

roanoke is the best season next to asylum, that's on periodt
Комментарий от : SteveTheGummyWorm

unpopular opinion - roanoke is like at the top of my list and asylum at da bottom...
Комментарий от : yeetyoongi

Clinton Smith
Freak Show should not be so high on the list.
Комментарий от : Clinton Smith

N Jacquemain
For me the first 4 seasons and Roanoke were the best. In my opinion Hotel felt like it was trying too hard and I couldn't stand Evan Peters awful accent. Cult was a bit boring, Apocalypse had a serious issue with tone and 1985 just seemed confused.
Комментарий от : N Jacquemain

DeAndre Rey
Roanoke was weak asf
Комментарий от : DeAndre Rey

sebastian cancinos
Cult makes me want to drink that Kool-Aid
Комментарий от : sebastian cancinos

viviane m
did yall really prefer cult over roanoke??? im shook just couldnt finish it
Комментарий от : viviane m

amanda H
I Think Coven
is the best season

Комментарий от : amanda H

Hmm Hmm
what is your worst AHS horror story and why is it Roanoke 😌😌😌😌🔪
Комментарий от : Hmm Hmm

Crystal Curtis
My top three:
1. Asylum
2. Coven
3. Murder House

Комментарий от : Crystal Curtis

Bonnie sins
Asylum remind me of outlast
Комментарий от : Bonnie sins

Jasmine Ramirez
Am I the only one who loves freak show
Комментарий от : Jasmine Ramirez

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