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BEST fake ROLEX China can produce!

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Информация о видео BEST fake ROLEX China can produce!

Название :  BEST fake ROLEX China can produce!
Продолжительность :  
Пользователь :  id 916914963029
Дата публикации :   20200707
Просмотры :   g({'EVENT_ID':
Понравилось :   984
Не понравилось :   15

Кадры из видео BEST fake ROLEX China can produce!

BEST, fake, ROLEX, China, produce!,

Комментарии к видео BEST fake ROLEX China can produce!

King Critics
That song is so gay 😂
Комментарий от : King Critics

Mad Money
only superclone.watch and submariner.store are selling legit super clones
Комментарий от : Mad Money

Terry Mehojah
Is the myota rolex a real rolex..
Комментарий от : Terry Mehojah

Dennis Tafeltennis
A good AAA replica costs around 400-500 euro.
Anything less then 300 are bad copies.

Комментарий от : Dennis Tafeltennis

Dell Isles
Will never buy fake Rolex.
Комментарий от : Dell Isles

yee yee
Music is awful in this.
Комментарий от : yee yee

michael ryder
fakes are just bad taste....
Комментарий от : michael ryder

Happy Watch Store
submariner.store Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
Комментарий от : Happy Watch Store

Tajinere Sagay
Check out Naijawatches02 on IG. He has replicas for research and educational purposes
Комментарий от : Tajinere Sagay

Tale of the shitters! Which shit is better? Oh my!!! Lol.
Комментарий от : M M

P North
Having the best fake Rolex is like being the tallest midget.
Комментарий от : P North

LV boss
i bought super clone on patekphilippe.watch/
Комментарий от : LV boss

Eddie Ng
So you claimed to be a watch enthusiast but your review of fake rolexes are down to what the counterfeit dealer is telling you rather than you spot it yourself?
Комментарий от : Eddie Ng

Junior Mudd
i hate fake shit
Комментарий от : Junior Mudd

David Eves
JUST A QUICKIE LADS...can anyone answer this question for me.pls

what happens if customs open the box?

What happens to the watch if its replica?

Do customs confiscate it?

Комментарий от : David Eves

nafil farsan
Replica watches

Комментарий от : nafil farsan

adil srna
best replicas are on rolex.poker
Комментарий от : adil srna

Allan D
I cannot see any point in anyone buying a replica. They will fail in a year, the hand,or a marker will fall off. The movement will stop. What people need to realise is that if you are fool enough to buy a fake watch just to try and impress and fool other people (It cannot be for your own satisfaction, because they are not real) then you are fool enough to be taken in by the makers of the replica. Who is to say the movement is really an ETA? Of course it's not. Are you sure the crystal is sapphire? Because they told you it was? Really?
Комментарий от : Allan D

Gökhan Öztürk
Which one did you buy?
Комментарий от : Gökhan Öztürk

Ammi's Toy Reviews
that yacht master tho
Комментарий от : Ammi's Toy Reviews

Jerry Doe
This isnt even close to the "best rolex" they can reproduce. source: i own several high end replicas and the big giveway you got a cheap "dhgate shitter" that costs around $50 bucks is the bracelet.
The part where the bracelet connects to the watch is not "perfect" see this image: www.worthy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/spot-fake-rolex-case-back-big-1.jpg
where the bracelet joins the gap is completely filled like an original rolex.
and a good Rolex clone costs around $450 to $600 (NOOB factory) and has the identical inner works of the original Rolex, it can only be spotted with a magnifying glass 10x in the engraving of the letters.
On the outer side the superclone uses the excact same lume, ceramic dial etc... as the original and can't be identified from the outside. Your example is not even 28.000 beats per minute wich classifies it as a cheap fake copy. superclones uses a copy of the original movement @ 28.000 beats per minute which is very fluent on the second hand.

And finally there is a huge demand for superclones which are not sold in giftshops or any other shop the ship straight from the factory to the dealer which does the final inspection to ship to the customer.
"trustytime dot shop" and "dealerclocks dot store" are 2 reliable dealers that sells superclones.

Комментарий от : Jerry Doe

Richard Maxwell
Good place to start in is the Swiss part of AAAWATCH.CC website. I've actually got one of the Rolex Submariners from there and it's stunning. £360.
Комментарий от : Richard Maxwell

Richard Maxwell
If you like it, buy it. Life is short enough without bitching about wealth.
Комментарий от : Richard Maxwell

Raji Abdul Shabaaz Abbar
What a bunch of Losers ❗️
Комментарий от : Raji Abdul Shabaaz Abbar

Erik Caro
All its fakes . and diferrents qualitys in copys
Комментарий от : Erik Caro

What store website did you visit in the video?
Комментарий от : Jthivar

Daniel Gomez
They are all chinese. Theres no such thing as a Swiss replica or japanese replica. Very few replica watches have actual genuine ETA OR MIYOTA movements in them
Комментарий от : Daniel Gomez

What's the pleasure in owning a fake? I don't get it.
Комментарий от : BenevolentAutore

Erik Stanek
Must be the paradise. I've bought my first replicas in Thailand but the movements are mostly crap. The ones I've ordered from China run for 8 yrs now without any problems. If you get a decent ETA clone it will work, even the Seagull or Mingzu movements are not so bad too if you are on budget. For RLX the 3133 clone is very good, but can have some issues.
Комментарий от : Erik Stanek

Gh Samir
thé men who was explaine to you about expensive ans cheep mouvement he is realy Nice men
Комментарий от : Gh Samir

Im heading down to guangzhou in a month, where about is that market location if u can please tell me, i wanna go check it out mainly for education purposes
Комментарий от : haha9413

Jack Woods
God, show me ONE watch.
Комментарий от : Jack Woods

Vincenzo Strazzulla
The Daytona superclone with all chrono functions regularly working cost 650-700 euro and it is the model Noob v3 4130 904l steel
Комментарий от : Vincenzo Strazzulla

If you can’t afford the real thing than get your money up and stop trying to lie to yourself and others!!!! It’s pathetic and I would feel embarrassed to ever fake in life that hard.
Комментарий от : JESSE CIARCIA

M. Leung
A great hobby to be obsessed with fake watches. New generation of watch idiot savants. Do you care if its a real or fake Duracell powering the watch?
Комментарий от : M. Leung

Комментарий от : ALEXANDER

William Lane
All fake watches should be destroyed, only fake people wear them, period,
Комментарий от : William Lane

Abhishek Goyal
Its so dull to be obsessed with watch i am also, but more or less watch only tells time 1 good quality like mine of san diego polo club all steel , steel dial and tissot prc 200 chrono,casio edifice and 2 omax are running for 10 years,i dont require investment in watch because its all waste of time and money...
Комментарий от : Abhishek Goyal

Dont buy in that, just search noob factory v9 and you will be suprised, that is the high end replica. Just go to sub reddit reptime and you will be suprised
Комментарий от : Gibran

tiong loo
Radioactive fake watch?
Комментарий от : tiong loo

Yifan li
Crappy video and sound
Комментарий от : Yifan li

NOOB :p (and you need to ditch that crap music lol)
Комментарий от : maxmixer

Nicholas Madison
You say you're obsessed with watches . Yet you have no idea quartz and automatic . Meh
Комментарий от : Nicholas Madison

Nahdi Mohammed
Each and everyone is a cheap 100$ knockoff here, blv me when i tell you there are reps that go for 400-600 dollars that are scary identical and yup none of them are present in the video
Комментарий от : Nahdi Mohammed

harry Ng
Nice I dun mind get one.....any specific area or shops there or landmark
Комментарий от : harry Ng

Alan Lounsbury, Jr.
Where can I buy the damn replica there possibly is
Комментарий от : Alan Lounsbury, Jr.

only legit sites for reps is submariner.store and superclone.watch
Комментарий от : Dr.Solomon

A - Z
I got my replica from qclone.net/ .
Комментарий от : A - Z

Kohl Wolf
Those "expensive" ones are not good copies at all, on the video I could take a closer look to chack for detail but at the second they were opened it was quite obvious they were all fake
Комментарий от : Kohl Wolf

Mohit Choprraa
Комментарий от : Mohit Choprraa

ivan kerr
Ridiculous video . You haven’t a clue. These are all low quality fakes. And there is no such a thing as Swiss made replica.
Комментарий от : ivan kerr

I do also recommend kuvarsit06.com which their products have high quality edition with affordable price
Комментарий от : Oyatullo

Tom Havinga
LOOK AT THE MECHANISMS. Absolute lowest tier watch bullshit.
Комментарий от : Tom Havinga

Muky Hasanov
Just recieved my new watch today. Great communication, great product, great package, great movement. I will be buying another one soon. Thanks to the submariner.store
Комментарий от : Muky Hasanov

Vincenzo Notaro
........fake watch......fake man !
Комментарий от : Vincenzo Notaro

Scott D
I lover the grades of watch AAA 🤣 who’s vetting the counterfeit market. I’ll dishonestly copy a watch but honestly grade it 🙄
Комментарий от : Scott D

Talha Essani
I would buy original seiko Instead for fake replicas! Coz its inner me not satisfied with the fake one 😏
Комментарий от : Talha Essani

Lumicus Lighting Pvt Limited
Комментарий от : Lumicus Lighting Pvt Limited

@3:51 looks like they have a turkey bag of weed 😂
Комментарий от : Zatch

Such videos are the perfect place for the fake/replica sellers to find their customers. All you have to do is make a few account and write some bs how good replica watches are and how much better they are compared to the real ones and that none will ever notice and then use another account to reply on your comment that you agree and the fishes will bite. After that all you have to do is wait for someone to ask how or from where he can buy a fake watch and there you go.

There's a big difference between wanting a watch and being interested in horology. Expensive watches don't just tell time, they tell you and everyone how much you can and how much you appreciate (depending on the brand and model) the craftsmanship, work and labor invested in that watch. Those who are not interested in those things will never appreciate or understand the meaning, significance and the history of the horology. All they see is a peace of metal that tells time, yet they want that peace of metal to have a specific and famous logo on it for reasons I don't fully understand. For as long as idiots exist in this world, there will always be someone who's going to take advantage of them to take their money without the idiots even knowing.

Комментарий от : Emanuel

Jason Adams
My Granddad has collected fake rolex watches for years. He bought them from people selling them as fakes so there was no underhanded trickery going on in any of the deals he made. Frankly, some of the fakes he has collected are just as good as the real ones. There is a growing market for fakes sold as fakes here in the states. There are 150.00 dollar fakes every bit as good as the 20,000 dollar real ones. I just don't see the reason to spend 20,000 or more for no more than a patented trademark.
Комментарий от : Jason Adams

Rahul Paul
Can u give me the contact
Комментарий от : Rahul Paul

Can't wait until the world turns on China for their wishy washy stance toward intellectual property
Комментарий от : augiedauggie

All those rotors say fake. No butterfly balance. The best movement of them all is the ETA clone one.
Комментарий от : screamingcockatoo

Nun Ya
Your watches are garbage.n
Комментарий от : Nun Ya

Jose Arturo Varela
Where can I get them?
Комментарий от : Jose Arturo Varela

I’m buying one from Rolexreplicanow cuz I don’t want to pay no 15k. That and my name will come up on my AD wait list next time Haley’s Comet comes our way. I don’t have that kind of time.
Комментарий от : 548vikings

Hilarious & Hit yeah
No best place for replica is www.instagram.com/coolshift_watches/
Комментарий от : Hilarious & Hit yeah

dung le
Didn’t buy mine here, but own the same model and referenceㅋㅋ>imgs.love/RolexNSub?2l  These are heavily appreciating in value and the time only Subs have garnered a cult following. These can be worn for absolutely any occasion or dressed up for a classy appearance. The Submariner is the most iconic watch in the world. There’s a great reason for this.
Комментарий от : dung le

SmashEX Entertainment
If Chinese put a little more soul, hard work and precious metals into replicas, they can finally make a 1 to 1 original Rolex copies. For the Rolex original price ofc. Because that's how much it cost to make them.
Комментарий от : SmashEX Entertainment

Hank Somers
Swiss don’t fake watches. It’s a serious crime in Switzerland for counterfeiting unlike China where anything goes. They use clone 2824 (date) or 2836 (day date) movements.
Комментарий от : Hank Somers

Hank Somers
Machines? Lmao idiots
Комментарий от : Hank Somers

Hank Somers
Very low quality aaa reps. The realistic ones 1:1 etc don’t get sold in the fake markets by the “looki looki man”. Everything is cloned on 1:1 but it’s still easy to spot if you have ever owned a gen. Even the clone 3135 movements are low quality (found in 1:1 like noob JF ARF VRF) have the wrong type of balance bridge which is an easy spot. This guy knows nothing about watches. The guy he’s talking too knows even less. It’s almost funny how little.
Комментарий от : Hank Somers

Vicky Piero
What people wear on their wrist is their problem. I own real Omegas, Rolexs etc.. But my panerai is super rep. Why because i don't think pams are worth their price.

So am i going to be judged? Get a life dude 😂

Комментарий от : Vicky Piero

Apple El
If you wat to buy a replica you look at the movement in the watch. Ask the seller or even open the back of the watch (if possible).Just Like in the video. Most cheap $50 rolex.... etc with have DG2813 or sometimes Seagul watch movement, these have 21,600 bph. Dg2813 movement is a copy of Miyota 8215 and you can get v good quality however just like any other China made products, quality control is where the issue lies when buying this movement. If you want better quality watches ask for 28,800bph movements. They are definitely more expensive but you would rather spend $200 rolex which will last you a few years than $40 rolex which will last a few months or maybe less!
Комментарий от : Apple El

Kendal Sherlock
Where is that store ??
Комментарий от : Kendal Sherlock

Diogenes' Lantern
DHGate shitters just by the price alone. You have a lot to learn about the rep world haha!

At 6:10 he said "this is a Miyota [the movement]" - and judging by the comparison of "this is Chinese, this is Japanese" (as well as the prices) he was comparing the a Swiss ETA 2836-2, a Miyota 9015 (Japanese), and an Asian 2813 (Chinese)

Комментарий от : Diogenes' Lantern

Keith Hodgson
Blind leading the.......
Комментарий от : Keith Hodgson

Audemars Piguet Live
replicas can be only bought at patekphilippe.watch super clones to be precise
Комментарий от : Audemars Piguet Live

I heard they are giving away free Covid19 with every watch .
Комментарий от : BeerManSF

Rodolfo Suárez Trabazo
Комментарий от : Rodolfo Suárez Trabazo

Nick Hopkins
Why buy a fake, you know its a fake, so you’re a fake.
Комментарий от : Nick Hopkins

No Comment
The only way I can tell is if the rep has the Asian Movement. As far as the Swiss it’s almost impossible to tell the difference
Комментарий от : No Comment

Lee Barrett
Is that really a fake Calvin kline watch. Omg this is madness
Комментарий от : Lee Barrett

Lee Barrett
Unfortunately I misplaced the box and paperwork during a house move🤣
Комментарий от : Lee Barrett

Battle Simulator
Got mine from Swissmadeclones.com 😜
Комментарий от : Battle Simulator

Paul Commerford
Fake watch makers are essentially thieves and the retailers are their fences. To me, buying from them is like buying stolen goods which only encourages them to keep doing it.
Комментарий от : Paul Commerford

AV Cuber
As a watchmaker I want to say wtf are you doing touching watch movements.... And also fake watches are for fake people
Комментарий от : AV Cuber

Everytime you see someone with a calculator selling watches you gotta run 😂😂
Комментарий от : SpaghettiKillah

Would buy a few of these for gifts and for myself for the lols.
Комментарий от : Owen

Guillermo Rodriguez
#1 For anyone wondering this guy doesn't know about watches, hell he doesn't even know about Rolex so don't think just because people are influencers they know about watches. #2 None of the fakes represented here are top notch at all, the highest one had a ''swiss'' sellita movement and who knows maybe it also is a chinese knockoff. The highest tier of replica tries imitating the Rolex 3135 movement completely but even on that it doesn't succeed, not enough quality and attention to detail. If you think that by having a replica you are bigger than other people or even by having a real Rolex just are just as fake as the watch. Buy something you can afford or even if you have the money and want a replica instead of a real one, check other watches, you can get great microbrand watches for the price of a high tier fake and it will have a warranty and papers and be original and it will tell something about your taste.
Комментарий от : Guillermo Rodriguez

Al Cu
This is a joke... platinum or titanium 😂😂
Комментарий от : Al Cu

Andrea Grosso
i need this watch!
Комментарий от : Andrea Grosso

Albert Sins
Can i buy this shit in macau?
Комментарий от : Albert Sins

Daily Luxury
There are no Swiss movements inside... It's all Asian. Even eta is just Asian eta movements... Best versions are with clone movements....
Комментарий от : Daily Luxury

Peter Karahalios
this video is pointless
Комментарий от : Peter Karahalios

Jerome Hall
How do we get one of those really nice watches????? Is there a company to go to ?
Комментарий от : Jerome Hall

Obsessed with watches. Needs the difference between automatic and quartz explained to him
Комментарий от : WORMGERM

The 1:1 Reps must be in the back. lol
Комментарий от : Camelot

Mike Dandurand
Am I watching these idiots touching all over these movements with bare fingers?
Комментарий от : Mike Dandurand

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